Enabling your organisation to manage any type of inspection activity is the core of what Pervidi is about.

With use cases across several industries, Pervidi can be configured to fit any business shape and size. In order to meet your specific needs and requirements for an inspection solution, Pervidi is designed to be tailored to your existing setup.

Within your field, templates and forms might need to comply with national regulations, or you may need to inspect with an industry standard in mind. You may be required to carry out pre-start checks of machinery or daily checks of PPE. Whatever you wish to use your inspection solution, there’s a good chance it has already been done using Pervidi.

inspection management pervidi

Benefits of using Pervidi for your Inspection Management:

  • Easy to use
  • Can be used to automate any type of inspection
  • Track any type of asset such as cranes, safety stations and devices, etc.
  • Completely eliminates paper
  • Take pictures/images and annotate your pictures
  • Integrated barcodes (optional)
  • Includes electronic signatures and timestamps
  • Template creation tool allows you to incorporate your own checklists and templates
  • Focus on exceptions and ‘failures’
  • Pervidi enables you to automate your entire inspection process , including corrective actions, reminders, alerts and escalation procedures.

Stories of using Pervidi for Digital Inspection:

Walker Certification: A Pervidi Case Study


Bruce Stephens Playground Services (BSPS): A Pervidi Case Study



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An overview of Pervidi’s features can be found here. For more information regarding inspection management in action visit our Article Hub for business examples or contact us directly to discuss your inspection management needs.