Asset Management is fundamental for keeping track of what’s happening in your business or organisation. Paperless can make it quick and easy.

For a business to be successful, it is critical to ensure smooth operations so that customers are offered the services they require quickly and effectively. Every business needs to have easy access to its assets. Pervidi provides adaptable tracking of corporate assets and equipment including the asset life cycles, move-management and performance. Reporting, assignments, requisition/return functionality, and optional integration of barcodes and/or RFID tagging makes asset management simple and productive.

asset management pervidi

Pervidi’s Key Benefits:

  • Enables users to efficiently and effectively plan and execute tasks, meant to maintain operations and assets.
  • Adds value to operations, increases return on investment and extends the useful life of assets and equipment.
  • Assist in ensuring maximum up-time of equipment; critical to the production and operation of the business.

Combining software, Mobile Devices, and web portals, Pervidi Asset Management/EAM enables the flexibility to manage any asset at any level of detail that you require in a cost effective manner. Effective asset management strategies that are tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements can enable you to identify and prevent exposure to loss thereby protecting your company’s valuable assets. Handheld scanners dramatically simplify the way you perform audits and data collections, allowing you to dramatically improve audit process and reconciliation. Pervidi Asset Management/EAM can track the asset and its history, enabling you to drive effective decisions on the asset’s utility.

Stories of using Pervidi for Asset Management:

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