Pervidi provides a powerful, easy to use, flexible application to clients across many roles and industries. As one of the founding paperless solutions, and being specifically designed with Field Technicians, Facility Managers, Inspectors and Auditors in mind, Pervidi is a highly adaptable tool. Users can take advantage of a wide array of features such as; customised checklists, automatic alerts, real-time reporting alongside special functions such as speech-to-text and scheduling. Pervidi is the gateway to a paperless and hassle free future for your business.

industry solutions with Pervidi

Regardless of your solutions need, here are 10 outcomes you can expect with Pervidi:

  1. Improved productivity
  2. Reduction in operational costs
  3. Shift in managements focus from paper-based activities (forms and data entry etc.)
  4. Comprehensive and tailored analysis
  5. Improved control and accountability
  6. Activities performed on time
  7. Higher technician efficiencies
  8. Real-time reporting
  9. Compliance with consistent standards in the field
  10. Better utilisation of your organisations resources and technical expertise.

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Pervidi is a highly tailored solution and we are confident we can find a solution to your business needs.