So you want to know how to automate your inspection process and remove paper based systems to assist your business? Pervidi provides practical inspection solutions for business to easily adapt to and implement into their operations using mobile devices and web portal. As Pervidi is tailored specifically to your business, we can ensure our paperless solution meets your requirements and means of use. With close to 20 years of experience in automating inspection processes you can be assured you’ll be in safe hands and guided through the process through qualified technicians and business analysts experts.

automate inspection pervidi

Pervidi has continued to evolve and provide a customisable, automated solution to meet customers needs. By using Pervidi solution it saves both time, money and work efficiency through innovative features such as speech to text, real-time reporting, web portal, online databases, offline functionality, barcode reader just to name a few.

By analysing your  field operations and reviewing what is the most time consuming you can create an automated solution/routine procedure to fasten and replace paper based prior processes. Often for businesses, paper lists and data collection are not only time consuming to conduct but require significant time to handle (mainly double data entry), sort, file, retrieve and analyse. Pervidi recognises this common problem and aims to remove unnecessary paper based forms from your field activity business to ultimately save you money, time and allow your business to operate more efficiently.

To solve how to automate inspection processes and reduce paper based activities within businesses, Pervidi’s paperless solution has allowed for the creation of digital/electronic forms on mobile devices and automate the process of corrective actions, escalations and management reporting.

How to Automate your Inspection Process Through Pervidi’s Paperless Solution:

  1. Identify
    • Does your business use paper checks, forms and audits? You will need to conduct an internal review/audit to see where paper forms are still being used in your business and consider its role within a business. Often sorting and handling paper is the time consuming for business. Introducing electronic forms instead of paper forms might require a change in management for the staff involved. Make sure that during this phase you involve all stakeholders in the organisation (Human Resources, IT, and the employees themselves).
  2. Review
    • Once unnecessary paper forms have been identified, management must consider whether it can be replaced electronically and measure the cost benefit of introducing paperless application and workflow (total cost of solution vs. total saving – both tangible and intangible benefits). To conclude whether the paper system is necessary or not management must also consider the effect it has on the business operations and how by improving the paper flow checks will save time and improve the data collection process. This stage may be done by staff making a logical decision and informing stakeholders of its existence. This stage is completed by staff referring to similar scenarios in previously collected data and management estimating the cost benefit by switching to paperless systems.
  3. Select your Device
    • Choosing the mobile device to be used Consider Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  or dedicated devices, what are the device requirements- barcode reader, rugged, intrinsically large screen, operating system (Android or iOS), Mobile device management tools to manage the “fleet” of devices. Management can then configure Pervidi inspection solution and create the electronic forms, the drop downs and pick list selection, the corrective action reports, and the reporting and notifications for example. The corrective actions can be automatically trigger an action i.e. email the appropriate user with all the information required to rectify or correct the deficiency. Don’t forget to run use cases to test the forms and the devices.
  4. Monitor
    • To ensure the paper systems has been successfully automated and implemented to an electronic system, management must test the system to ensure not only does the automation work desirably but all parties involved in the action are informed. Staff can create routine checks on all existing automation in place to ensure the triggered procedure is effectively addressing the issue.

By combining your smartphone/device with Pervidi software; operational efficiencies, control and accountability will increase productivity, profitability and quality of work overall. Our recommended 4 stage model allows businesses to remove paper forms and implement automated responses accordingly.