Techs4Biz Corporation has recently announced the release of a new contactless “condition of entry” register to help hospitality and retail outlets manage their Covid-19 safe plan; Pervidi Customer eLog.

pervidi customer eLog

How Does Pervidi Customer eLog Work?

Upon entry of a visitor/patron/customer to a venue/outlet, the manager/staff on duty records the name and phone number of the visitor/patron/customer on the Pervidi application. No QR or pen and paper is required. The Pervidi Customer eLog automatically sends a SMS message to the visitor/patron/customer, which upon replying with acceptance of the “condition of entry”, the app then records the time they entered venue.

All information is temporarily stored within the database for 28 days and is only accessible by the manager using Pervidi.  Only the given name and phone number, alongside the date & time are collected. 

“One of the benefits of the new Pervidi Customer eLog feature is that it is easy to use, no personal information is recorded.  All contactless and in real time,” says Eitan Shibi, Chief Technology Officer at Techs4Biz.

  • Easy to Use
  • Electronic Log Automatically Maintained
  • Data Erased after 28 Days
  • Private, Secure and Dedicated to your Business
  • Information can be Downloaded or Accessed Online
  • Quick way to Keep Safe!

If you manage a retail or hospitality venue/outlet, this new contactless “condition of entry” register; Pervidi Customer eLog solution can assist you with your Covid-19 safety plan.

To see how the solution can be implemented for your organisation or business, contact Techs4biz Australia using the button below.

To find out more information about Covid-19 Resources and how to get back to work safely visit our dedicated page.

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