Whatever the industry or field your organisation or business is operating in, it is important to take the right steps when starting the process of getting back to work. On this page you will find a host of Covid-19 Resources, ranging from government information or good practice checklists designed with Covid-19 in mind. As always, if you require something tailored that isn’t shown here, or to find out about about how Pervidi can assist your business then feel free to contact us.

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Covid-19 Resources

Covid-19 Resources: Distance Alert and Contact Tracing Information

Covid-19 Resources: Links to Australian Government Resources

Want to to implement a Physical Distancing solution within your organisation or organisational setup? Whilst some industries are not mandating physical distancing technology, distancing alert and contact tracing apps ensure that guidelines are followed at all times. Other benefits include the data that shows what type of distancing violation has occurred and lets you take actions towards resolving the issue. For more information on the Techs4biz solution for contact tracing and proximity alerts, follow this link.

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