Taking Lifting Equipment Inspection Paperless

When it comes to lifting equipment inspection, it’s important not to leave your safety hanging on an outdated or overcomplicated procedure.

lifting equipment inspection pervidi

Inspections for your organisation may range from more high value assets like hoists or cranes to lower value but high-volume assets like harnesses. Whatever your inspecting, whatever your business needs are, it’s important to have a solution that is both dynamic and customisable for what you’re trying to achieve. Currently multiple worksites or numerous equipment types can be difficult to manage when running a pen and paper inspection process. The excessive paperwork and guesswork of inspection standards when distinguishing between products harms your accuracy and workplace productivity. Equipment is kept in downtime longer than needs be and your inspection drags on.

Many organisations and industries around the world are hence moving their operations to paperless; inspection via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Digital solutions can come in many forms such as free apps or tailored business solutions depending on what your needs and requirements are. Whilst free apps are simple to download and try out, they often don’t provide the same versatility for registering different lifting equipment types and regulations against checklists. Aside from the issue of data security, there is also the question whether you want your multi-thousand- or million-dollar equipment or asset arsenal inspected by an AU$0.99 app. The benefits of premium inspection solutions for inspecting lifting equipment are both widespread and easy to realise. By having everything running through the application, inspectors can scan barcodes/RFID on equipment to access recent use history, maintenance logs or test certificates. This also removes the problems of visual judgment as there is a photographic image to compare pre and post use to.

Some inspectors working at remote locations or in hazardous environments have different safety requirements. These can range from needing intrinsically safe mobile devices to needing GPS timestamps for each inspection. Whether this is a simple identifying inspection or an industry audit compliance, premium applications can often run these exactly the same. As long as any industry regulations are loaded onto the system running and managing the inspection reports, then any inspection can be configured to be directly in line with specific organisational or industry compliance needs. Likewise, a lifting equipment inspection can have actions that need to be taken in the field at the time of inspection, something highly cumbersome to manage with pen and paper methods. Using digital systems, pre-configured corrective actions can be added to inspection reports which suggest the correct action to be taken depending on the data input. Features like these help employees to work smarter during their inspections, keep equipment in use and improve the accompanying ROI. The only true way to realising just what a lifting inspection solution can do is to understand the customisation abilities of the provider.

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