Security and Safety Inspections at Sports Events and Venues – Ensuring Top Performances

Australia showcases some of the best sporting events on the planet with the region containing a host of different sports on land, air or sea. The numerous events and spectacles provide sporting fans with something to enjoy across the calendar. Thorough safety inspections at sports events and venues help ensure everyone can contribute to a top performance.

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The backdrop to a great event lies in the venue, staff and management procedures that make everything happen. Several of Australia’s stadia and sporting grounds are often large complex structures requiring top-level maintenance or constant safety and security inspections. This is none the less true for smaller arenas and pitches with many having outdated facilities or procedures.  Contemporary safety inspections at sports events now prefer to make use of digital inspection checklists in favour of the aged paper print method. Inspection software is making a big impact in the industry.

Paperless inspection solutions give inspectors, OHS managers and Quality Assurance (QA) supervisors a powerful and helpful tool for their respective tasks. Inspectors and supervisors benefit from new ways of recording and making inputs through features such as the built-in camera function, speech-to-text, drawing and the simple standardized response. Offline capabilities of the paperless inspection apps further enhance the potential to implement the system, whilst easy attachment of documents and reference material, means inspectors are always in the know of guidelines and the latest industry regulations. Inspections using paperless inspection solutions can be quicker and easier, reducing the time for those carrying out the role. Managers benefit from a centralised and synchronised service where data can be uploaded instantly and there can be in-depth analysis. There is also no need for bulky filing cabinets and storage rooms for the voluminous amounts of paperwork as it can be stored in-house or through cloud based computing. Additional metrics such as GPS, timestamps and annotation on captured photos gives managers a greater insight into specifics.

For both inspector/supervisor and manager, the features of digital inspection checklists represent a solution with powerful benefits to them both. Quick turnarounds for new matches and events or use of the facilities has until today predestined safety inspections at sports events to being time-pressed and requiring a lot of intricate management. Paperless solutions are there to streamline the process, meaning better kept facilities and happier sporting fans.

4 Key benefits of using paperless inspection software in safety inspections at sports events:

  1. Larger recording versatility for the inspector
  2. More accurate and useful analysis for managers
  3. Less time-consuming and space-consuming
  4. Greater total process efficiency

Make the switch to digital inspection checklists to secure satisfied customers and great events.


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