The Pervidi solution has many useful features, from customisable checklists and ‘speech to text’ real-time reporting, through to corrective actions and automatic emails and scheduling  and the ability to create ad-hoc work orders, in the field. To find out more about the features that will suit you and your organisation’s objectives, click here.


Mobile Software – (iOS or Android)


One of the many features of mobile software is that it can turn smartphones and tablets into electronic data collection devices, without the need for a continuous wireless connection.



Barcodes / RFID

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Use any barcode or RFID to identify assets or areas or employees using your smart phone or tablet.




Speech to Text

Image result for speech iconPervidi allows you to enter information via speech to text and view the report in real time.




Automatic data/time/GPS stamp

Using the mobile device clock and GPS Pervidi can take automatic time/date/GPS stamp for every step.




Annotate on images

The offline mobile application allows to use the device camera to take images and annotate on the images.




Offline report

View reports offline on your mobile device in real time  – no internet access is required.




Wireless or Wifi

Pervidi provides features to use any TCP/IP connectivity to transmit data, including standard connection to your network, BlueTooth, 802.11x, WWAN, etc.




Web Portal


Allows remote access to the database from any web browser, All logins are secured. Allow clients to log in to view reports/certificate, or staff to view the calendar and tasks.



Automatic Corrective Actions

Image result for automatic iconConfigure Pervidi to automatically create corrective actions based on deficiencies recorded by your inspectors. These corrective actions can be automatically emailed to the appropriate user with all information required to rectify or correct the deficiency.



Proactive Triggers and Notifications

Image result for trigger iconPervidi’s trigger engine automatically emails alerts, notifications and reports based on a dynamic criteria defined by you. For example, Pervidi can send a weekly email to area supervisors with all the overdue activities in their areas.



Deficiency Life Cycle

Image result for cycle iconPervidi tracks deficiencies and ensures a complete cradle-to-grave life cycle, including alerts and management reporting. This ensures that all deficiencies are addressed promptly.



Desktop / Client-Server Software


Pervidi Desktop/Client-server can be used as a stand-alone solution or connected to your corporate network and exchange data with any ERP . This feature provides comprehensive management functionalities allowing you to manage every aspect of your processes.



  Laptop / Tablet Software


Pervidi’s innovative Laptop/Tablet software enables users to extract the required information from their corporate database to their laptop/tablet, use it in offline mode to collect data, and subsequently reconnect the laptop/tablet to their database and synchronize the data.


Find out more about Pervidi’s comprehensive features by requesting free demonstration or giving us a call.


Examples of how Pervidi can work for you