Why Implementing Computerised Maintenance Management Systems can Work Wonders for Business Efficiency

Many companies are aspiring to go digital, taking their methods and processes paperless. But often they lack the expertise, knowledge or systems to carry out the change. This is why most businesses operating across various industries are choosing paperless software providers with experience in their industry. Paperless systems that can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements are paperless systems that will last and provide return on investment.

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Choosing to move to go digital revolves around selecting the right computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). Premium CMMSs today provide a comprehensive range of tools designed to be customisable to the user whilst applicable across various industries. Things like cross-functional desktop/mobile device software and web-portal access are now a mainstay on leading inspection management platforms. Where the top providers stand out are the functions and features that they provide, alongside the integration and support possibilities. Premium solutions now offer a wide plethora of tools or inspectors or officers carrying out actions or audit to be managed on the CMMS. Things such as offline reporting, picture-taking, barcode-scanning and standardised response checklists should now be expected across any software package. Equally important but less common are things like automatically suggested corrective actions, image annotation and reference material integration. Whilst these additions may sound more like a gimmick, they can dramatically improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of reports and analysis.

Many industry software packages now give businesses total control without any prior database or programming knowledge required. Tasks can be planned and executed to maintain operations, asset upkeep or servicing schedules. As the system is centralised, all necessary parties can be easily informed of future plans and notified of updates or changes. This helps to explain why companies who are implementing CMMSs within their business often experience much higher uptime of equipment and critically spend less on replacement and repair. When repairs are necessary, all aspects are monitored, tracked and recorded, meaning all necessary parties are again up-to-date with the progress and down-time. This leads to more effective planning and resource allocation, speeding up efficiency and reducing equipment overuse; so, the positive cycle of digital continues.

Key Benefits of CMMS and How to Go Digital:

  • Software automates all aspects of maintenance, repair, field service or inspections
  • Mobile devices record results and data electronically directly to the database
  • Automatic alerts, reminders, emails and triggers can be customised
  • Web portals provides 24/7 access to all historical asset and performance data
  • Key industry compliance requirements can be directly integrated with company methods, procedures and documents
  • Inspection and audit processes are streamlined
  • Can be delivered as a turnkey package of training and software
  • No previous database knowledge required
  • Extensive support and consulting opportunities available with certain providers

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