Why businesses are implementing mobility within their business operations

Today’s business world is no different to any previous era; the most efficient and effective companies always do best.

pervidi mobility

The difference between contemporary business and those pre-2000 is the wealth of technology that employees, customers and organisations have access to. Mobile devices, both smartphone and tablets are revolutionising our lives as well as the workplace, making business more integrated and decision-making a straightforward process. But organisations across various industries are also starting to reap benefits of using mobility within their actual operations. With features such as a camera, GPS timestamping and a touchscreen, mobile devices can present a valuable tool for employees and other stakeholders. Companies can take advantage of the intuit knowledge of the modern workforce with smartphones, replacing pen and paper much like the first PCs retired the typewriter 30 years ago.

The modern workplace is digital, in the cloud, on servers and accessible 24/7. Many industries are seeing the rewards of switching to a digitally empowered workforce in their efficiency. According to industry studies, many routine inspections, such as OH&S/OHSE or ISO compliance within most industry fields, can experience time savings of 30%-35%; just by paper elimination. Apps and software solutions are easily updateable, considerably more so than printed check sheets and manuals, and can be distributed with tremendous ease. Employees can take advantage of built in suggestive corrective actions, or a wider decision-based logic machine. Work from different employees can be easily collated and fed back to systems like Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), OH&S , Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for easy oversight by the right people. When results and information has been collected, diverse reports can show how the data matches company KPIs, and how well a business complies with regulations or standards. Such reports metrics can be then redistributed to the relevant stakeholders to show what needs to be improved or sought to or sent  3rd parties.

When considering taking your business digital it’s important to remember the plethora of benefits if done correctly. Higher efficiency in both the workplace and more effective employees lead to better results, but only if there is a solid structured system in place to facilitate it. So what’s the best way to making sure you lead your business down the digital road safely? Find a digitally savvy, experienced company that has staff to guide you through the paperless process.


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