Why a CMMS can Transform the Way you Work

A true, well set-up CMMS can transform the way you work.

CMMS can Transform the Way you Work pervidi paperless inspections

Today the workplace is all about how you can integrate digital into what your organisation does. Big or small, the changes that you make can have a lasting impact on the profitability and proficiency of your operations. Many businesses are discovering how a CMMS can transform the way that they work. A CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System, can of course mean different things depending on how it is put to use, but in general refers to a digital software package that maintains a database of all the information surrounding an organisation’s maintenance and operations procedures. This may sound complicated, but really just means a digital blueprint of everything that you do.

The benefits of a CMMS are both far-reaching and highly noticeable. Employees get the benefits of inspections that are scheduled by a digital system, whereby the exact checklist for the particular asset for the specific inspection type is provided automatically. All assets are of course catalogued against the system so that inspection data is correlated in one spot, and deficiencies both in the asset and reporting data can be easily spotted. The CMMS will suggest which inspections need to be carried out based on previous data, pre-configured rules and what industry standards the company is trying to adhere to. Management get the benefit of a powerful yet intelligent system that can eliminate the need of giving simple orders and repeating things in meetings; employees will be notified exactly what is happening, will happen or should be happening. This means when an asset is reported as faulty and having failed a check; management is informed so they can make a judgement whether a replacement needs to be ordered, maintenance is informed that a repair bay may be needed imminently, and other employees notified to avoid using this asset.

A CMMS can transform the way you inspect due to the natural pairing with other digital devices. Inspection using mobile devices can feed data instantaneously to the CMMS brain, and allow inspectors to use mobile devices in the form of smartphones or tablets for an inspection. This reduces repeat data entry and raises the quality of inspection data. instead of being limited to the pen and paper, officers can scan barcodes or take pictures with the device camera, or make annotations or drawings using the touchscreen. Standardised response and speech-to-text services enhance the data capture speed, whereas the digital nature of the checklist means that it can be updated easily. Being digital also allows the attachment of reference material onto a specific checklist part so that inspection officers have all the information that they need right in front of them without having to go on a lengthy search.

Many businesses are seeing that a CMMS can transform the way they work by increasing the information sharing int the organisation. The more the system is allowed to manage, the easier it becomes for all employees to take advantage of the power of it. In an age where Big Data and working smarter are the ‘musts’ for an organisation, implementing a CMMS is a simple no-brainer.

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