The Power of Bringing Digital to your Business Inspections

As the next decade of the 21st Century beckons it’s important to realise that bringing digital into your business is a necessity if it is not ever-present already. Digital has become so fundamental to the world around us that it is almost impossible to avoid. This is not only true in the consumer sector and consumer society but also in the business world. Organisations across the globe are making use of intelligent CMMS (computerised maintenance management system) and AI (artificial intelligence) programmes to help them develop smart strategies to tackle work and drive productivity forward.

bringing digital pervidi

Bringing digital into your business can mean a host of different things. Of course, this can simply mean giving employees an email address or mobile device to contact them via, but bringing digital goes much further than that today. Bringing digital into your business can go as far as scheduling your entire organisational strategy, conducting automatic analysis of any data fed into a system or simplifying your operational asset management. Today one of the central ways businesses are bringing digital into their methods is to implement digital inspection systems alongside a CMMS. Inspection management run of paperless methods replace the pen and paper for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, which the employees are guaranteed to have some base understanding of already. Such devices allow employees to carry out any inspection, audit, quality assurance or facility management protocol via their inspection application, using nothing but the device. Using features such as the camera to record pictures and then annotate them with the touchscreen, visual data can be recorded historically to show deterioration of assets or equipment. The question of connectivity is negated by inspection application providers often including offline recording capabilities and smartphone manufacturers providing offline speech-to-text services. This has recently been introduced to Apple devices via iOS 13, alongside the improvement of NFC technology. Also available on Android devices, this can be used with RFID devices to faster attain and monitor equipment data.

Bringing digital to your business also gives productivity improvements that can be seen on a management level. Historical asset tracking from cradle to grave gives a detailed overview of performance, whilst automatically suggested corrective actions means employees can take pre-approved actions in the field. Bringing digital into the workplace also helps maintenance teams better judge the asset damage before it comes into the workstation, so that replacement parts or the right tools can be ordered/moved into place quicker. This reduces machinery downtime and raises the productivity. Bringing digital also implies that such systems will in fact be hosted digitally, removing the dusty cabinet of inspection sheets, asset manuals or reference material for operational methods. All of this is either put on the inspection mobile device or hosted via in-house servers or via the Cloud (SaaS).

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