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We believe Pervidi can truly cater to any business need. On this page you’ll find business case studies showcasing Pervidi being used in certain industries. Below that are broader client reviews and testimonials. For further review content be sure to visit Google Business Reviews, WordOfMouth or CrowdReviews. If you would like to leave a case study of Pervidi, please contact us or to leave us a review of Pervidi, head to the bottom of the page! Logo

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finances online review

“Highly versatile and extremely configurable, Pervidi is an ideal inspection platform for all sorts of business and can be implemented in any industry.”

FinancesOnline Business Review

FinancesOnline is a popular review site for B2B software and services. They have been generous to publish an in-depth review of Pervidi paperless solutions in which they praised our system as one that genuinely meets users expectations. Now, their readers have the possibility to familiarize themselves with a positive review of our software on the reputed platform, and discover a professional point of view on how our system can optimize feedback.

This review highlights the benefits of using Pervidi as well as provide the reader with a detailed account/profile of Pervidi software. The article explores commons problems that Pervidi customers may encounter and highlight how this software can be applied to solve these issues.

The review team stressed the fact that Pervidi fulfilled exactly what it had promised, and genuinely helps businesses understand their customers behaviour better. They were impressed by our devotion to successful pinpoint targeting, the simplicity of our forms that take only few minutes to create, and, of course, the visitor satisfaction rate reported by our loyal customers. We were also happy to hear that Pervidi was featured on their list of top 10 EHS Software products. The review team also awarded Pervidi with the 2017 Rising Star Award and the 2017 Great User Expereince Award.

A part of the scoring process was to confirm that our paperless inspections are suitable for work sites and fully deployable, where Pervidi once again scored very high. In the FinancesOnline review, experts highlighted the importance of the fact that our inspections are exportable any mobile device and praised our numerous features and ease-of-use.

Read the full review of Pervidi on the FinancesOnline website here.


Case Studies

Barrick Gold Corporation case study

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Barrick Gold Corporation is the largest gold mining company in the world, with operations in Australia, Africa, North America and South America. At their Elko, Nevada location, Fall Protection Coordinator, Vince, coordinates fall protection for more than 200 employees in their transportation division. There, mechanics do much of the repair work or preventive maintenance on Barrick’s truck fleet while suspended over 10- to 20-foot high vehicles. In addition to training staff on fall protection, one of Vince’s other responsibilities is conducting equipment inspections. Up until 2011, Barrick tracked all their fall safety equipment data manually—what Vince describes as a laborious process.

“I would fill out a separate sheet for each piece of equipment I inspected—and we have close to 800 pieces,” he explains. “This usually resulted in a stack of paperwork about 3-4 inches high. I would then take that paperwork to my office and enter the data manually onto my computer”. Then he heard of the Pervidi™ System – an electronic system that supports inspection tracking, consistent compliance and safety management and risk mitigation. He immediately recognized its potential and was eager to give it a try, but first knew he had to get buy-in from his supervisors.

So, he presented them with estimated cost and time savings, then walked them through the manual recordkeeping process, so they could see firsthand how slow it was—and how potentially inaccurate it could be. He also discussed how he would be able to devote more time to other critical aspects of his role, such as researching new ways to keep employees even safer. Although his bosses were impressed, they asked him to talk to another company that was already using Pervidi to find out how it was performing for them.

“So, I called a former colleague who is now working for a different company that uses Pervidi,” he says. “He told me, ‘Vince, it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll never have problems with recordkeeping again.’ So I told this to my boss, and they approved the purchase.”

In January 2012, Barrick purchased the Pervidi Network solution. To get more familiar with the system, Vince says Pervidi support specialists worked with him about once a week, for several weeks. Now, if he has a question, he just calls support and says that they are highly responsive. Today, to do an inspection, Vince simply grabs the Pervidi scanner, scans RFID tags on the equipment, answers questions when prompted, and provides his signature. When he returns to his desk, he puts the scanner in a cradle which synchs the data up with the system. (Note: Barrick uses the Network Edition, where their data resides on their own computer systems. Customers can also choose a Pervidi hosted system as well.)

Pervidi has helped Barrick in other ways. For instance, if someone retrieves a piece of equipment but doesn’t know who it belongs to, all Vince has to do is scan the tag and he can locate the owner, versus the past process, which involved going through stacks of paperwork and checking serial numbers. “Pervidi has cut my inspection time in half—I’m very impressed with it,” he says. “If someone is considering Pervidi, I would tell them, that they can’t go wrong. And even though it takes some time to get familiar with it, you begin benefitting right away.”


Uranium Refinery case study

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Brian works as Emergency Response Administrator at a uranium refinery in Canada, where he is responsible for all safety equipment maintenance and inspections, as well as health and safety training.

“We are regulated by the federal government. That means we not only adhere to regulations other refineries follow, we have additional, stricter codes,” explains Brian. “For instance, when working at 8 feet high, our crew is required to use fall protection, which is not necessarily the case at other facilities.”

When Brian first began working in the health safety department in 2006, he took a “train the trainer” course offered by an outside training organization. There, the instructor suggested attendees look into using the Pervidi System, an electronic system from Techs4Biz, that supports inspection tracking, consistent compliance and safety management and risk mitigation.  Because equipment safety tracking was being done manually when Brian came onboard – and lacked consistency – Brian believed his company could benefit from Pervidi™. There were other problems that came up related to their overall tracking system, too, some that resulted in increased costs. For instance, sometimes crew members borrowed other employees’ equipment. If they lost it or forgot to return it, there was no way to track the item, and likely a new piece of equipment would need to be purchased.

“Pervidi offers incredibly tight tracking and because of that we noticed many improvements, including reduced purchasing costs,” he says. “Plus, it’s easy to use and saves time. Once a week, my inspector goes out with the Pervidi™ hand-held scanner and scans RFID tags attached to equipment, then brings it back to me and I synch it up to my computer.”

As they were getting the new system up and running, Brian says he was impressed with how Pervidi staff were able to work with him to quickly customize the program so it fit not only their company, but their specific industry and regulatory reporting needs. He says the training was also excellent.  Now that the system is fully operational, Brian is able to more fully understand the benefits. When asked what it has brought to his team and organization, West cites that Pervidi:

  • Reduces equipment costs: “It tracks so tightly, we don’t have    to repurchase missing equipment.”
  • Reduces administration time: “I have one inspector who scans tags once a week. Then it only takes me a few minutes to download the data from the scanner.”
  • Simplifies the auditing process: “I never have to search for what auditors want. When they arrive, all I do is hand them a printout. The auditors have been very impressed with the level of detail on my reports.”

But the best benefit, he says, is the ability to easily to produce quality reports. “Knowing that good, complete records are available is a huge benefit, especially since we are so heavily regulated,” he says. “It’s great not to have to worry about that, so I can focus on other aspects of my job.”


Offshore drilling contractor case study

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James, Rig Safety and Training Officer for a major offshore drilling contractor, is responsible for all safety equipment maintenance and inspections on the oil rig organization he helps oversee in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We have a 200-man rig that is 834 feet long and 30 stories high from crown to keel. It’s as heavy as an aircraft carrier,” he explains. “To do our work, we cover a lot of ground in a day and are constantly moving back and forth across the rig.”

When James first began his offshore work for the organization in 2001, equipment safety tracking was done using hard-copy printouts of Excel spreadsheets. Safety staff would record their notes by hand, taking care that the paper didn’t get wet or sustain damage before they could return to the office and type the data into their computers.

In March of 2008, James was introduced to the Pervidi™ System an electronic system that supports inspection tracking, consistent  compliance and safety management and risk mitigation—and he  immediately recognized it could be of value for his organization,  and he was eager to try it. However, it wasn’t until March of 2009  when he began working on a brand new rig that he was able to  follow through and test Pervidi.

“The new rig was being built in Korea,” explains James. “I approached my manager and told him I had heard of Pervidi and wanted it. Fortunately, he said yes, and we ordered it and implemented it right away.”

James explains that they chose the Pervidi Web Pro edition where data resides on a Techs4Biz data server and information portal.  The system allowed them to track and record information online from where the rig was being built in Korea and when the rig was finished and transported to the Gulf of Mexico, nothing needed to change, and there was no interruption in their work or any data conversion needed.

As they were getting the system up and running, James says he was highly impressed with how Pervidi developers were able to work with his team to quickly customize the program so it fit their rig and their unique needs.  “They did everything I asked, and customized the program for us,” he says. “It worked great and because it worked so well here, we adopted Pervidi on some of our other rigs.” Today, his team tracks more than 700 pieces of equipment using Pervidi and he says he estimates it saves them approximately 150-200 tracking hours per year.

On the back end, there is tremendous value in the peace of mind that goes along with Pervidi — knowing that good, complete records are available immediately when an auditor requests them. “What’s the bottom line?” says James. “With Pervidi, you invest a little up front, but you gain major dividends almost immediately.”


AESM uses Pervidi CMMS system

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Faced with escalating complexities involved in the routine inspection and maintenance of Essential Safety Measures in accordance with Building Regulations, Australian Essential Services Maintenance (AESM) decided to embrace the efficiencies and accuracy that technology and the Pervidi suite of dedicated software had to offer.

AESM assists building owners, managers and tenants in meeting their ongoing compliance obligations for the upkeep of buildings’ essential safety measures, to ensure the safety of the occupants and the buildings.

AESM would receive calls from facility managers for inspection and work order requests.

These requests would be recorded through a paper based work order system, and depending on the urgency of the request, AESM administration staff would notify the designated inspector via phone, and that inspector would fill out their own work order and run sheet while away from the office. With scheduled essential service maintenance, run sheets would be created for maintenance technicians on a weekly basis.

The need to measure and manage work performance, and thereby increase efficiencies however, exposed the problems that existed with the use of paper-based systems, including the following:

  • Inaccurate recording of inspection results and data.
  • Inability to accurately analyse technician Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Hours spent on site and actual attendance on site.
  • Double data entry – Inspectors would record results and findings on job sheets and hand them back to AESM administration staff to re-enter into another basic template sheet.
  • Quoting and invoicing times were inhibited by paper-based delays, costing potential new customers and delaying payment from existing customers.
  • Follow-up procedures and corrective actions for failed inspections were also delayed since AESM administration staff needed to merge multiple forms to create the follow-up Work Order.
  • Customer and Site management was also disadvantaged through the lack of readily available real-time information.
  • Since reporting methods were basic, only basic work order and inspection reports could be created from the system.
  • Lack of connectivity with technicians out on the road.

AESM manager and owner Mario Apela stated: “We needed a system which would improve our operational efficiency and effectiveness and allow us to grow to maintain our competitive edge in the Building Maintenance industry.

“Since AESM highly value customer service and satisfaction, we wanted to provide our customers with the best service – service provided through real-time accurate information. We knew that our significant growth could not have been achieved had we persisted with our previous paper based system and therefore a fully automated and integrated system was needed for our field force.

“We invested a significant amount of time and resources into finding the right solution for our needs. We needed a system that would not only incorporate electronic and field force automation but also be flexible enough to allow us to customise and match our business processes and practices.

“We came across Pervidi CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) developed by Techs4biz and knew straight away that it would cater for our current needs while allowing us to grow and expand”, Mario said.

The implementation of the Techs4biz Pervidi CMMS system enabled AESM to provide their inspectors with a PDA (personal digital assistant), which held all their previously and current paper-based work orders electronically.

The PDAs removed the need to print copious numbers of job sheets, provided more information about the job to the technician, greatly assisted in securing the data captured, and allowed more depth in their accuracy of data input, such as the ability to set a maximum and minimum score and if a result was not in range to alert the technician.

The PDA also allowed technicians to create work orders whilst on site, add new locations, assets and/or equipment into the database, move assets/equipment that currently exist in the database and access in depth site information, safety notes and comments.

From an administration perspective, Pervidi has enabled AESM administrative staff to log incoming calls and to create new work orders and job requests utilising the Customer Call centre of Pervidi Desktop.

Pervidi Desktop allows the user to view all customer sites in an easy-to-read user interface, which serves as a handy quick-reference tool for use with customers who call to request a work history of a particular site, or an individual asset.

AESM’s paper-based reports were fairly limited and simplistic, whereas Pervidi provides over 150 dynamic and adjustable reports. Pervidi allows AESM to create a variety of work order, staff, facilities, assets and client information reports, including customised reports that match their business processes.

AESM customers are also able to submit job requests through the Pervidi WebPortal which is accessible via AESM’s website. Customers simply log in and add their particular request without having to telephone. The web portal allows customers to view the status of their requests, while offering AESM administrative and technical staff the controls to manage the information that is available and accessible to their customers.

The Pervidi CMMS suite has enabled AESM to improve their operational effectiveness, minimise paper work, eliminate unnecessary or redundant administrative tasks, and maximise customer satisfaction.

These productivity benchmarks have been achieved through provision of the following benefits:

  • Increased amount of information available to technicians while reducing the cumbersome amounts of paperwork taken to each site.
  • Increased data input accuracy and minimisation of human error.
  • The ability to better manage their technician’s time and resources and create efficiency gains.
  • Pervidi’s ability to invoice completed jobs, allowing administrative staff to email invoicing reports directly to the desired recipient.
  • The ability to deal with work orders with failed items promptly, utilising the Follow-Up Notice and Corrective actions features in Pervidi.
  • Automatic rollover of Repetitive tasks (for example: A monthly Inspection of a particular piece of equipment) ensures that AESM staff do not need to remember to reschedule these jobs manually.
  • Queries received from customers regarding their buildings can be efficiently dealt with on the spot with various site reports, Work Order Reports and Asset Reports available on demand.
  • The ability for technicians to add new work orders on their PDA, saving time and effort, and removing the need to return to their office or fill out paper work orders on site. If a particular piece of equipment has changed locations, the technician can make the correction on the PDA, and the central Database will be automatically updated when the data is sent back.

AESM’s continued embracement of new technology such as Pervidi Desktop, Pervidi PDA and Pervidi Web Portal has enabled them to gain a greater market share through the competitive advantage gained over their rivals, who are still utilising basic and inefficient paper based systems.

“We are continually looking for efficiency gains and currently we are bar-coding all of our equipment and areas, enabling our technicians to scan the barcode and automatically bring up the work that needs to be done for it. We are also looking at expanding into the Pervidi wireless model, which will enable real-time interaction with our technicians and allow us to move into other states and potential new markets” said Mario.


Samsung Australia Case Study- Anaequip Medical

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“We saw an opportunity to become as paperless as possible with the advances in technology and efficiency of in-field technicians, which would in turn speed up our overall workflow and allow us to better service our clients,” said Mr Herreen. “We started working with Tech4Biz in 2007 to move our data and analysis systems across to Pervidi Software – paired with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) application that automated the process of data entry and reporting with a paperless inspection solution,” he said. “When Pervidi became available on the Android operating platform,we were keen to upgrade to the bigger screens available on tablets. We were looking for a mobile device that would be easy to use,offer more features and allow for memory expansion to enable us to complete inspections with all necessary resources at hand and in a more efficient manner. The Samsung Galaxy Note tablet met all our criteria.”

Seamless upgrade to a new mobility solution

The company worked with Tech4Biz to purchase and introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets, maintaining the existing data in the back-end Pervidi system. “With seven years’ equipment and inspections data already housed in Pervidi, it was critical to have a smooth transition to the new devices. Tech4biz worked with Anaequip Medical to install the Pervidi paperless application on
Samsung Galaxy Note tablets, maintain access to existing data and train staff on the new products. We also maintained a backup system for the Pervidi Software application which secures the company’s database,” said Mr Naaman Shibi, General Manager, Tech4Biz.

Anaequip Medical service technicians now use the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets when completing inspections and servicing in the field. With access to the Pervidi paperless application, the technicians can be notified of scheduled parts replacements and electronically record the results of medical equipment servicing using manufacturer checklists, while taking into consideration relevant Australian Standards and feeding data back to the asset management database. The system also flags outlier and suspected false data for immediate correction

Real time automation and increased employee efficiency

By becoming a more mobile and digital workforce, Anaequip Medical’s technicians can work more efficiently, utilising the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets to easily complete checklists, access reference manuals, capture defects and report in real-time to clients.
“Previously, we had to carry large equipment manuals to each inspection site and take numerous data sheets and price lists to fill in which could be lost along the way,” said Mr Herreen. “The Samsung Galaxy Note tablets, hosting Pervidi paperless application can provide easy access to our electronic resources. The S-Pen and speech-to-text functionalities can also allow the technicians to make their own notes on manuals and documents.”

“Our technicians can also quickly follow up on faults and maintenance required, utilise the tablet’s camera to take high quality images for visual identification of faults and automatically order replacement parts in real-time, which saves on potential downtimes. We can also save time conducting the inspection by selecting results from a drop-down list and by having the ability to deliver remote support from Tech4Biz if required,” he said.

“Going paperless has been a huge success for us. We’ve had great feedback from all our staff about the ease of using the tablets and how we are now all synced together. By linking calendars as well, we all know each other’s location and can respond to callouts in a much more efficient way.”


To read Samsung’s white paper review, click here.

CMMS Software used on Queensland Banana Farm

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CMMS Software solution has been successfully implemented by Pervidi on one of Australia’s largest banana farms, covering almost a thousand acres in Northern Queensland.

Prior to the use of Pervidi CMMS software, the banana farm had previously used a paper-based system to manage and track equipment, activities, and safety which had proved costly and inefficient.

The implementation of the CMMS software allowed for asset information and pre-scheduled work orders and inspections to be sent to handheld mobile devices, in this case a PDA (personal digital assistant). All field work can recorded on the handheld devices loaded with the CMMS software. If a new activity needs to be recorded, the technician can use a set of pre-loaded checklists to quickly add a new inspection or work order onto the device.

The CMMS software from Techs4Biz addressed many of the issues faced by the farm. It allowed for all the paper-based systems to be automated, increasing efficiency and allowing for maximum equipment uptime.

The use of Pervidi CMMS software on the banana farm is another good example of the software’s flexibility. The software is completely customisable to any business or process. Pervidi CMMS software can be delivered as a turnkey package of training and software. It can be provided with consulting or as part of a completely customised solution.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials


by C.K on Pervidi
Company: Nestle

Thank you! This checklist and report is a huge time-saver for us. Thanks so much for your speed in developing it and responding.

by S.R on Pervidi
Company: Vibtech Analysis

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tech4Biz for the outstanding job performed on our Pervidi database. Pervidi is the backbone of our business and its reliability is paramount to our success. We were most impressed during the implementation phase not only with the response from Tech4Biz, but also your patience as we learned to ‘walk’ then ‘run’ with the product. Your on-going support has been invaluable to us. Thank-you.

by S.H on Pervidi
Company: Humber College

Pervidi has enabled our Facilities Management Department to reliably document and accelerate our daily processes, track our resources and create a reliable online tool with the services provided for communicating within the College Community. The Technical Support and Leadership Teams at Techs4Biz have proven to be highly focused and dependable. They have generated a product that is not only custom tailored to our current vision and requirements but leaves the potential for expansion and growth in the future.

by D.V. on Pervidi
Company: Gasonic Instruments

We have been pretty impressed by the customer support provided by Tech4Biz. The company shines among other software companies as they provide an outstanding service.

by J.V., Service Manager on Pervidi
Company: All Essential Fire & Security

After comparing Pervidi against other software, we chose Pervidi due to its customisable nature, reporting features and that we were able to host our data on our own server. Since implementation, we have been able to improve turnaround times, distribute quotes faster and the Crystal reports always win us some extra brownie points with our clients!

On a daily basis, we use Pervidi to log jobs for our 20 to 30 technicians and produce tailored reports for our clients. I particularly like the trigger alerts that will prompt our technicians in the field to ensure nothing is missed along the way. I also like that Pervidi can be used on a variety of devices and, of course, that they are Melbourne based, it is great not having to ring overseas or consider time zones when we need support!

by R.H on Pervidi
Company: Wilfrid Laurier University

Pervidi has provided us with an easy to use method of tracking Health & Safety inspections in an institution with a large inventory of rooms, spread over a large regional area. It was customized to meet our needs, with an excellent web based interface for users.

by P.H. - Managing Director on Pervidi
Company: Anaequip Medical

Going paperless has been a huge success for us. We’ve had great feedback from all our staff about the ease of using the tablets and how we are now all synced together. By linking calendars as well, we all know each other’s location and can respond to callouts in a much more efficient way

by B.B on Pervidi
Company: David Nicholas Building & Property Maintenance

David Nicholas Building and Property Maintenance provides customers with a list of services that allows the customer to have peace of mind all year long. One of the core services is to do House Checks on a weekly basis to assure the house is safe and secure and that all problems are identified and taken care of. The Pervidi System along with the PDA’s provide an excellent means of assuring the house checks are done properly and all information documented. We were able to customize a list of questions that the Tech answers. If there are any problems or issues they are entered into the PDA. We then run weekly reports both by customer and by the type of issue. This allows us to track what customers are having problems and to trend the types of problems and issues that come up. The system is everything that Pervidi said it would be and more. The other big plus for us is the ease in dealing with Pervidi. They provide excellent customer service. They are always accessible, they always understand the problem, and they resolve it quickly. They are also very patient with my many requests to customize the system. I highly recommend Pervidi as a inspection and work order system.

by M.B. on Pervidi
Company: Tully River Farming

I have to say if it wasn’t for the expertise, support and service from the team at Techs4Biz, we may not have had the initiative to embark on such a project. The fact is most of the time no matter how good a product is if you don’t get the proper instruction and support the product can be rendered significantly below potential and sometimes unusable. We cannot praise this team enough for their continuing support from the first phone call of contact to the present point in time. One of most effective tools the team uses is online troubleshooting; in this era where customer service is the key these guys have it mastered. They are very patient and keen to solve any issues. They reply when they say they will and you can talk to them any time you call. This is invaluable, as generally there is a considerable lack of service everywhere you go.n It is great to be part of such a good program and team that supports the program and their clients so well. Many thanks and a great credit goes to the Techs4Biz team. We really appreciate their great can do attitude.

by J.F. on Pervidi
Company: DuPont

Paperwork… what paperwork? A few years ago I had a filing system to rival a library, with a two-year cycle of paperwork for compliance. Along came Techs4Biz. We now upload the service/work orders to hand held devices, perform the work, and complete the work orders. Upload the handheld, and maintenance is automatically scheduled for the next event. This system has eliminated the need for paper, along with the effort involved in the filing, accessing information, and purging of outdate files. A paperless office may be impossible, however, Pervidi reduced my paper consumption by 90%. SAVE A TREE. Use Pervidi.


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