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We believe Pervidi can truly cater to any business need. On this page you’ll find business case studies showcasing Pervidi being used in certain industries. Below that are broader client reviews and testimonials. For further review content be sure to visit Google Business Reviews, WordOfMouth or CrowdReviews. If you would like to leave a case study of Pervidi, please contact us or to leave us a review of Pervidi, head to the bottom of the page!


finances online review

“Highly versatile and extremely configurable, Pervidi is an ideal inspection platform for all sorts of business and can be implemented in any industry.”

FinancesOnline Business Review

FinancesOnline is a popular review site for B2B software and services. They have been generous to publish an in-depth review of Pervidi paperless solutions in which they praised our system as one that genuinely meets users expectations. Now, their readers have the possibility to familiarize themselves with a positive review of our software on the reputed platform, and discover a professional point of view on how our system can optimize feedback.

This review highlights the benefits of using Pervidi as well as provide the reader with a detailed account/profile of Pervidi software. The article explores commons problems that Pervidi customers may encounter and highlight how this software can be applied to solve these issues.

The review team stressed the fact that Pervidi fulfilled exactly what it had promised, and genuinely helps businesses understand their customers behaviour better. They were impressed by our devotion to successful pinpoint targeting, the simplicity of our forms that take only few minutes to create, and, of course, the visitor satisfaction rate reported by our loyal customers. We were also happy to hear that Pervidi was featured on their list of top 10 EHS Software products. The review team also awarded Pervidi with the 2017 Rising Star Award and the 2017 Great User Expereince Award.

A part of the scoring process was to confirm that our paperless inspections are suitable for work sites and fully deployable, where Pervidi once again scored very high. In the FinancesOnline review, experts highlighted the importance of the fact that our inspections are exportable any mobile device and praised our numerous features and ease-of-use.

Read the full review of Pervidi on the FinancesOnline website here.


Case Studies

Barrick Gold Corporation case study


Uranium Refinery case study


Offshore drilling contractor case study


AESM uses Pervidi CMMS system


Samsung Australia Case Study- Anaequip Medical


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CMMS Software used on Queensland Banana Farm


Customer Reviews and Testimonials


by Walker Certification on Pervidi
Company: Walker Certification

Pervidi has helped me develop my business, I can't recommend it enough! It can be adapted to suit any platform, give the team a call!

by C.K on Pervidi
Company: Nestle

Thank you! This checklist and report is a huge time-saver for us. Thanks so much for your speed in developing it and responding.

by S.R on Pervidi
Company: Vibtech Analysis

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tech4Biz for the outstanding job performed on our Pervidi database. Pervidi is the backbone of our business and its reliability is paramount to our success. We were most impressed during the implementation phase not only with the response from Tech4Biz, but also your patience as we learned to ‘walk’ then ‘run’ with the product. Your on-going support has been invaluable to us. Thank-you.

by S.H on Pervidi
Company: Humber College

Pervidi has enabled our Facilities Management Department to reliably document and accelerate our daily processes, track our resources and create a reliable online tool with the services provided for communicating within the College Community. The Technical Support and Leadership Teams at Techs4Biz have proven to be highly focused and dependable. They have generated a product that is not only custom tailored to our current vision and requirements but leaves the potential for expansion and growth in the future.

by D.V. on Pervidi
Company: Gasonic Instruments

We have been pretty impressed by the customer support provided by Tech4Biz. The company shines among other software companies as they provide an outstanding service.

by J.V., Service Manager on Pervidi
Company: All Essential Fire & Security

After comparing Pervidi against other software, we chose Pervidi due to its customisable nature, reporting features and that we were able to host our data on our own server. Since implementation, we have been able to improve turnaround times, distribute quotes faster and the Crystal reports always win us some extra brownie points with our clients!

On a daily basis, we use Pervidi to log jobs for our 20 to 30 technicians and produce tailored reports for our clients. I particularly like the trigger alerts that will prompt our technicians in the field to ensure nothing is missed along the way. I also like that Pervidi can be used on a variety of devices and, of course, that they are Melbourne based, it is great not having to ring overseas or consider time zones when we need support!

by R.H on Pervidi
Company: Wilfrid Laurier University

Pervidi has provided us with an easy to use method of tracking Health & Safety inspections in an institution with a large inventory of rooms, spread over a large regional area. It was customized to meet our needs, with an excellent web based interface for users.

by P.H. - Managing Director on Pervidi
Company: Anaequip Medical

Going paperless has been a huge success for us. We’ve had great feedback from all our staff about the ease of using the tablets and how we are now all synced together. By linking calendars as well, we all know each other’s location and can respond to callouts in a much more efficient way

by B.B on Pervidi
Company: David Nicholas Building & Property Maintenance

David Nicholas Building and Property Maintenance provides customers with a list of services that allows the customer to have peace of mind all year long. One of the core services is to do House Checks on a weekly basis to assure the house is safe and secure and that all problems are identified and taken care of. The Pervidi System along with the PDA’s provide an excellent means of assuring the house checks are done properly and all information documented. We were able to customize a list of questions that the Tech answers. If there are any problems or issues they are entered into the PDA. We then run weekly reports both by customer and by the type of issue. This allows us to track what customers are having problems and to trend the types of problems and issues that come up. The system is everything that Pervidi said it would be and more. The other big plus for us is the ease in dealing with Pervidi. They provide excellent customer service. They are always accessible, they always understand the problem, and they resolve it quickly. They are also very patient with my many requests to customize the system. I highly recommend Pervidi as a inspection and work order system.

by M.B. on Pervidi
Company: Tully River Farming

I have to say if it wasn’t for the expertise, support and service from the team at Techs4Biz, we may not have had the initiative to embark on such a project. The fact is most of the time no matter how good a product is if you don’t get the proper instruction and support the product can be rendered significantly below potential and sometimes unusable. We cannot praise this team enough for their continuing support from the first phone call of contact to the present point in time. One of most effective tools the team uses is online troubleshooting; in this era where customer service is the key these guys have it mastered. They are very patient and keen to solve any issues. They reply when they say they will and you can talk to them any time you call. This is invaluable, as generally there is a considerable lack of service everywhere you go.n It is great to be part of such a good program and team that supports the program and their clients so well. Many thanks and a great credit goes to the Techs4Biz team. We really appreciate their great can do attitude.

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