Retail Stock Inspection and Inventory Management using Paperless Solutions

For almost all businesses, there is some form of stock inspection and inventory management, whether this is the products that are sold, resources used in the organisational transforming process or just general supplies about an office.

Stock Inspection and Inventory Management pervidi

For retail, stock inspection and inventory management is key to effectively keeping on top of the net flow of products through the organisation. This can give a good indicator as to whether a business is running efficiently or whether there are areas of future improvement. Many organisations across industries who perform some form of stock inspection and inventory management are now making use of paperless systems to help their routines checks.

One of the benefits for businesses using digital applications for their stock inspection and inventory management is the ease of application across all their checks. A premium inspection solution can often be tailored not only to specific checks needed by a business, but also provide several different inspection checklists for specific users. An inspector specialising in regulatory audit can through their specialised access use very different checklists to health and safety officials; whilst all reports stem from the same platform. This means that whilst different users may see only a set variety of reports, their data is congregated for analysis purposes and organisational oversight. It also means that from an update standpoint that the right individuals can be informed without having every single employee determine whether it is relevant to their task. Shortcuts like these increase the speed and effectiveness of the information sharing throughout the business, meaning that stock inspection and inventory management productivity can be dramatically increased.

Stock inspection and inventory management can also benefit from other features on premium inspection solutions, such as standardised response checklists or automatically suggested corrective actions. These alongside with visual reporting through the mobile device camera can increase data uptake speed and provide straightforward reporting methods. Too often inspectors are having to sift through large checklists to find relevant material or spaces to record because of the difficulty to keep records and checklists up to date. In retail this is a particular problem, as inventory can shift rapidly both out to the customer or in with variations in orders, returns or centralised stock management. This highlights another benefit of paperless solutions; the digital application can be hosted via in-house servers or on the cloud (SaaS). This means there aren’t countless stock sheets from suppliers or inventory management checklists that constantly need to be changed/are an outdated version. Paperless solutions give the user the ability to monitor the stock via their digital device and update an existing report or make a new data insight. With the historical tracking of reports and GPS timestamps, it’s easy to track stock inspections whether purely from a time standpoint or tracking store performance via GPS. There are many benefits to using digital solutions for organisational management and inventory control.

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