Public Facility Inspection using Mobile Devices

In any public facility there are often inspections that need to monitor the quality or cleanliness.

public facility inspection pervidi

These public facility inspections are driven on a regular basis to effectively keep track of the wear and use, but also make sure that they are in an appropriate condition for the user. This can mean the cleanliness of a bathroom in a library, the safety of seating areas or the quality of transport systems. All are equally important to the end-user and need some form of inspection. It is equally feasible that inspectors or staff need to perform multiple different inspections, meaning that the needs and requirements for each check varies. This highlights the need for an efficient, diverse and easy-to-use solution that can replace a cumbersome pen and paper process for inspection any public facility.

Today the solution for these needs is the mobile inspection solution, provided through the marriage of a mobile device in smartphone or tablet form with an inspection application. Premium solutions provide features such as photo taking through the devices’ camera and then further annotation using the touchscreen or stylus. This allows for highly detailed information to be captured regarding e.g. cleanliness conditions and what needs managing or whether there is excessive wear on a safety restraint. Public facility inspection can also use GPS timestamps to add further ease to historical tracking of assets or locations, which is done on a cradle-to-grave basis. The offline reporting function, often a mainstay on premium inspection solutions means inspectors can reach every small area or angle necessary.

Inspectors doing checks for any public facility also need to know how to mitigate an issue or resolve a problem. For this is it unfeasible to carry a large manual with instructions for every item the business or organisations manages, and it likewise takes a long time to learn every response to every situation for every asset. A middle ground is the attachment of specific manual parts to specific checklist parts, i.e. a check can ask for the condition of a safety barrier with which a small excerpt from the main manual is provided as reference material. This means the inspector has the exact help if needed without having to search for it. Similarly helpful is the function to build in automatically suggested corrective actions to checklists, also a feature of some high-end inspection packages. This means inspectors can make an observation or recording and then a prompt is triggered informing them of the corrective action needed. These can often be preconfigured into each checklist with the additional feature of this action triggering an email notification to relevant parties that said action has been taken. With one press of a button on the screen, the inspector has a solution from management as well as having informed them that this action has been taken. This is on top of the fact that the action has been recorded already on the report, which is then filed against the historical tracking. There are many different benefits to implementing paperless solutions to any public facility inspection process. With many providers giving the ability for business tailoring, premium inspection packages can truly transform a business. Public facility inspection can become a quick and easy process.

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