Pool Safety Inspections using Pervidi

Pool safety inspection software has been developed for use in the Australian State of Queensland following new legislation that requires all pools in the State to be inspected by a qualified inspector. The legislation was an effort by the Government to reduce the number of infant deaths caused by drownings in unsafe pools. The legislation requires all pools to be fenced and gated to meet certain measurement requirements set out in the legislation.

pool safety

With so many inspections being conducted, pool safety inspection software has increased the number of inspections that can be conducted in a given time period. Inspectors can conduct their inspections on a PDA, smartphone or tablet and the fields on a safety certificate can be automatically populated based on the inspection information.

The pool safety inspection software will list all the legislative safety standards and requirements for pools. If there are any defects in the pool fencing or any items that do not meet the safety standard, the inspector can use the in-built camera to take a photograph and then mark the image with the defect in question. He may also record audio notes which can be attached to the inspection.

An overview of features to aid pool safety inspections

Speech Recognition – Speech recognition has dramatically improved since its introduction and now a standard feature in all new smartphones. It provides employees and inspectors a fast and effective way to record and store information.

Camera – Camera technology has likewise continued to evolve with each new mobile release out performing the last. Documentation inspection through photograph captures the inspector visual point of view.

Annotating – On screen annotation allows inspectors to highlights key areas in photographs that are of interest.

Offline Reporting – Certain inspection sites are limited to Wi-Fi and/or service data which restricts certain inspection software applications  which rely on constant connectivity . Fortunately, Pervidi paperless inspection software allows the user to work offline with data being uploaded subsequent when internet connection is available.

Automatic data/time/GPS stamp – Inspectors can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic data records such as the time recorded as well as where it was recorded.

Document and reference storage – Businesses can upload to the mobile device important documents (such as relevant standards, drawings, manuals) to remove the bulkiness and inconvenience of paper versions.


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