Paperless Pre and Post Delivery Equipment Inspection

Equipment inspection is fundamental for safety in any environment.

When renting or hiring, common assumptions of whose duty it is to inspect can sometimes actually leave equipment unchecked, which becomes an issue when damage occurs. Top organisations within any rental industry field ensure that their equipment is pre and post inspected with digital inspection applications. Paperless tools are allowing firms to take accurate checks of their assets and keep a close eye on when repair or replacement may be necessary.

Rental of equipment is based around mutual interest, one organisation providing assets which the other party does not possess for a cost less than investing and maintaining such assets. In such exchanges, assumptions of safety, performance and reliability are made because the renting firm inspects its equipment. As the rental organisation, it’s your responsibility to ensure that assets and equipment being hired or rented are fit for its use. This involves taking pre and post delivery inspections of all pieces of equipment, chiefly regarding how it performs against safety regulations and manufacturer specifications. Many digital inspection applications today are allowing easy safety regulation tracking. For many trucks, heavy machinery assets, mobile equipment, there are specific ISO regulations that are fundamental to follow to ensure conformance in safety; premium paperless solutions now allow these to be directly integrated to the relevant checklist. Likewise, it is also highly important that the performance, wear and damage is consistently checked and documented as this can impact the long-term lifespan and performance of the asset. This can be easily measured and checked with pictures on the mobile device application; any custom checklist can require pictures of certain parts, with the annotation ability enabling inspectors to highlight deficiency progression.

There are also many features that benefit other departments, as well as the organisation and management of the rental process. As the inspections are all taken with a mobile device; either tablet or smartphone, the reports are stored digitally. This can be done either in-house or via the cloud (SaaS), both options allowing 24/7 access to the entire database of reports, photo history of damage and wear, compliance with regulations and full cradle-to-grave life-cycle tracking. Such tracking of performance ensures that management can make good ROI analysis and gain a unique oversight of general performance. It also allows maintenance, workshop and repair teams to compare the previous inspection reports as well as GPS/date/time timestamp and usage data to better understand if the problem or issue is environmentally induced or as a result of long-term degrading.

For any pre and post rental inspection, it is therefore important to have the best management inspection tool and checklist available. Today, the market leader is paperless inspection applications. As well as providing a dynamic tailored software package for easy integration into your business, digital inspection applications are a straightforward way of taking your business digital. Customisable checklists on your smartphone or tablet device means inspectors can quickly and efficiently carry out pre and post rental inspections and improve efficiency.

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