Paperless Asset Management and Pre-start Checks using Mobile Devices

Managing an extensive set of assets in multiple locations requires top management procedures. Processing and coordinating of paper-based methods is an outdated and lengthy method. Paperless asset management and digital inspection systems are the best way to ensuring adherence to regulations whilst having a streamlined business process.

paperless asset management pervidi

Many organizations and business have a varied set of assets, procedures and methods of checks and balances to fulfil compliance. In the transport industry, this can vary from pre-start checks of vehicles to company storage or local assets. Often leading to voluminous amounts of data filing and swathes of time being spent on the inspection, the paper checklist really is a thing of the past. Modern inspection solutions are revolutionizing the inspection, quality assurance and audit fields by putting technology in the hands of inspectors and giving dynamic software to management. Paperless asset management is dynamic but versatile, tailoring itself to the user unlike a sheet of paper. The ability to use it for pre-start checks of vehicles to other assets or business activities means the streamlined solution is a powerful yet easy to use tool, transforming business success and prospects.

Where in-house or cloud hosting is the new filing cabinet, mobile devices are the new pen and paper, bringing a vast array of features and possibilities. Inspection checklists can be customized to fit any pre-start check, asset maintenance or safety inspection applicable to the business activities. The benefit from moving from a sheet of paper to a screen is evident in the amount of new information types that can be captured. Automated drop-down lists and notifications are triggered by analysis in real-time. Data can be collected via drawing, standardized response or making use of the mobile device’s camera. The accuracy of information and data which is recorded is not only the result of the new technical features but is also a result from the information provided to the inspection/audit. Reference material in the form of industry guidelines, manuals or previous inspection records can be attached to general checklists or specific parts. The intricacy and power of digital inspection solution really is evident.

Key features that make mobile devices excellent tools for digital inspection and paperless asset management include:

  • Fully customizable checklists
  • Immediate synchronising with database
  • In-house or cloud based (SaaS)
  • Automated inspection on Android or iOS device
  • Offline reporting and extensive dashboard
  • Capture and annotate photos
  • Convert speech to text for input
  • Integrated barcodes and RFID
  • Automatic GPS timestamps


Moving from paper based inspection to digital inspection solutions opens up a host of new possibilities. Whatever the size of the business, need and requirements are, it’s important to stay up to date and in touch with modern methods. For any inspection, management or check, the best way to do this is embracing mobile devices and inspection software solutions.


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