New Version for Pervidi paperless field inspection application

New version of paperless application for service providers, allowing transfer of reference material such as drawings, PDFs and images to the mobile device (Tablets and smartphones). Increasing the efficiency of in-field technicians.

Techs4Biz announces the launch of the new Pervidi paperless inspection solution delivering advanced functionalities to service technicians and engineers in the field.

Benefits of New Version Software

Available on all iOS and Android devices, (iPhones. iPads, Smartphones, Phablets  or Tablets) the new  version includes the ability to view and annotate on drawings and references materials on mobile devices. The new Pervidi field inspection solution also allows the user to automatically transfer relevant reference material such as drawings, codes, pictures and other documents to the mobile device.

The ability to send reference material to mobile devices is the next step in the evolution of the mobile workforce. With the latest Pervidi version, a field technician can have immediate access to ‘what the item should look like’ as well as related PDF documents or code references. All reference material is accessible while the device is offline, eliminating the need for wireless connectivity in the field; the technician does not experience any delay in accessing this information.

In addition to providing the ability to record information related to any type of field inspection, the new Pervidi version integrates picture taking and markups on pre-set drawings. The marked up drawings can be wirelessly ‘synched’ with the database in real time.

The new version is offered as an enhancement to the current Pervidi paperless inspection software and is available to existing Pervidi and iSafe customers.