Mobile Devices Transforming Digital Facility Maintenance Management

Digital facility maintenance management is a broad field encompassing management and maintenance across assets, equipment, essential services, locations and people.

digital facility maintenance management pervidi

Integrating the tangible and intangible whilst ensuring everything is performing at its best is difficult without digital facility maintenance management. Mobile devices are fast becoming the top tool that organisations are choosing to implement to deal with this. Whilst there are countless different items and things that facility managers must keep track of, the introduction of paperless checklists and digital management solutions is proving highly successful. Companies within the petroleum, agriculture and construction industries are all reaping the benefits of choosing to go paperless.

What mobile devices excel in providing is a depth of inspection and management features to the user. Depending on what assets, essential services and locations need to be administered, digital facility maintenance management solutions can provide different custom-built checklists. For building inspections there can be sub-parted checklists with the ability to attach images taken from a devices camera. For stock checks there is barcode scanning and standardised response. For facilities with difficult and hard-to-reach sections there is speech-to-text and automatic timestamps. The variation and customisability within digital facility maintenance management systems is highly powerful. The benefits of implementing paperless checklists continue even after an inspection is completed; in-house server or cloud (SaaS) hosting, in-depth analysis via accessible web-portals and full integration with business intelligence systems are all available.

Digital Facility Maintenance Management Key Features:

  • Incorporates comprehensive facilities maintenance, inspection and asset management functionalities
  • Customisable inspection and maintenance templates, forms and checklists
  • Advanced scheduling module incorporates rollover of repeatable activities
  • Enables picture taking and photo editing in the field
  • Flexible attachment of off-line reference material (standards, manuals, drawings, images, PDF’s etc.)
  • Speech to text capabilities
  • Ability to collect data while off line
  • Automatic corrective actions and notifications
  • GPS, Google Maps and routing capabilities for service providers
  • Supports a variety of barcode formats and RFID tags
  • Enhances asset tracking and management, through automatic data capture and automatic population of components related to assets
  • Can interface with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Mobile solution supports multiple devices, including iOS and Android.


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