Using mobile devices to inspect solar panel installations

Proper inspection for modern technology is vital; new tech requires thorough management. To ensure that solar panel installations are properly set up and functioning like they should, businesses are commonly choosing paperless inspection solutions

solar panel installations pervidi

Paper checklists are often out-of-date and slow to complete and process in comparison to their electronic successor. Using swathes of paper for inspecting a purposely environmentally friendly installation is not only a tedious process, but ironic in itself. Moving to paperless inspection solutions using mobile devices gives inspectors, managers and organisations a wealthy list of benefits, as well as improving their overall performance.

The inspection of solar panel installations has certain requirements and set methods, based on industry and government regulations or because of the equipment itself. This is where mobile devices really show their power as an inspection tool. Often such installations are located in difficult areas to get to, which make offline recording capabilities and GPS timestamps very useful. Likewise the familiar touchscreen input or speech-to-text services – now available on smartphones and tablets, become a useful method of recording data whilst in awkward inspection positions. Sifting through lengthy manuals and booklets is also eliminated, thanks to the ability to attach specific excerpts of reference material to specific checklist parts, this being a manual, past inspection or any other useful information. The mobile devices camera and barcode/RFID scanning provides another way of recording data whilst annotation of images on the checklist allows for a more custom input. The various features and functionalities of mobile devices truly underline why they are so beneficial to inspections of solar panel installations and other areas. An added benefit of choosing paperless inspection software is also the analysis it can provide. Modern digital inspection solutions offer in-depth analysis with historical reports, metrics and informative summaries, which can be provided to any 3rd party needed. This not only ensures regulation with industry standards such as AS 3000 and AS 5033, but shows management what it can improve on from an organisational perspective.

Making the decision to use paperless checklists for inspection of solar panel installations is the future within the field. The best modern energy installations deserve a modern inspection and management solution and for that there is only one way for it; going paperless.


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