Mining Vehicles and Mobile Equipment: How Digital Inspection Applications can transform Asset Performance

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The nature of the mining industry is both diverse and specific, with highly tailored and powerful heavy vehicles and mobile equipment helping employees and mines to achieve their goals. Today many mines are choosing to use digital inspection applications to ensure their equipment and assets are running as smoothly and safely as possible. This not only gives management peace of mind in safety, but guarantees that their operations are running close to full productivity and efficiency. One of the top benefits is that setting up digital inspection applications doesn’t mean there are only few that can benefit; the positives can flow and be felt throughout the entire business. Small improvements can have big effects for others across the supply chain.

Digital Inspection Application Features:

Digital inspection applications have a number of different features that can allow employees to carry out quick and efficient pre-start checks of mining vehicles and mobile equipment or general asset inspection. Compliance with safety regulations such as ISO 14001, ISO 53.020 or ISO catalogue 73 is fundamental within mining and the compliance represents a significant step towards ensuring maximum safety within equipment operation. In recognition of the sometimes highly dangerous mining vehicles and mobile plant, employees need the top tools for completing the rigorous checks. Mobile inspection solutions can make use of mobile device hardware such as the camera and touchscreen to rapidly input data as well as take and annotate pictures. Barcodes and RFID can be scanned with ease, whilst standardised response can make checklists much quicker than through pen and paper methods. For organisations that need to consider specific regulations because of their unique activities such as ISO 21984:2018, mobile devices also come in ‘rugged’ or intrinsically safe forms; with the digital inspection application allowing offline recording. This provides employees and inspectors a truly limitless inspection experience and no excuse to not capturing the best informative data.

Digital Inspection Applications Benefits for Communication of Mining Vehicle and Mobile plant:

Many mines assume that employing paperless solutions to solve a need within their business means that the solution can only be applied to that specific problem or asset. Modern digital inspection applications can however provide a variety of benefits for all mining vehicles and vessels throughout the business, even those without notable issues. Introducing a paperless system means paperless for all users, maintenance teams, OHS personnel and management. With everyone along the chain of responsibility having the same tool, it means everyone is on the same page in regards to asset or equipment performance. This ensures that deficiencies recorded by an inspector or operator during a pre-start check of a heavy truck can be flagged instantly with maintenance and repair crews, giving them a heads-up which asset has failed a check as well as the problem. This means the solution process can start right away, reducing the asset downtime and the waiting times for employees who need to use the equipment. The best part is that superintendents and management doesn’t need to necessarily be manually notified, with automatic trigger notifications sending all appropriate parties the necessary information in real time. The leadership team therefore knows what failed, as well as when and where it happened; and what steps the maintenance team has already take to mediate the failure.

Mining Vehicles and mobile equipment Pre Start Inspection Solution: Pervidi

Pervidi provides mines looking to revolutionise their pre-start checks for their mining vehicles and mobile plant (or any other equipment) with a truly powerful tool. With a long and vital experience with working with mining firms, Pervidi’s paperless inspection solution is built on continuous improvement and personalisation. The diverse and highly tailored setup means that the Pervidi solution can be effectively tailored to any mining organisation. Pervidi provides a unique arrangement, hosted either in-house powered by on premises servers or via cloud-based systems (SaaS). Different features like automatic trigger notifications and full asset life-cycle deficiency tracking is seamlessly integrated within a powerful but intuitive business ecosystem. In notice that every mine has different needs, the inspection solution can be customised with personally designed checklists amongst a library of standard mining industry reports as well as unique business processes. The Pervidi solution also allows integration of existing Business Intelligence (BI) or ERP and gives mines extensive support and training so that mines can truly maximise their inspection tool. This is built on knowledge gained through helping numerous mining and other industry organisations and firms around the world with their pre-start and inspection checks. Choosing a premium solution like Pervidi can truly transform the inspection process for mining vehicles and mobile plant within your organisation.


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