Mining Inspection Software Apps

Pervidi Inspection Software tailors its functionality specifically for the mining industry by customizing software to the mine and or inspectors needs. The benefit of using Pervidi is that the Pervidi inspection software and app automates checklists, making inspections more rigorous and both cost and time efficient.

mining inspection pervidi

Inspectors and other mine employees benefit from using Pervidi as they are able to use the same inspection software for a range of safety inspections and compliance activities , meaning safety inspectors and other personnel can have numerous custom checklists created to inspect all compliance elements of the mine. A mining inspection can be improved in numerous ways by going paperless.

Mines are regulated heavily under a range of Australian laws and regulations to ensure mine workers safe working conditions as well as enforce mine operations are being conducted in a sustainable manner. Inspectors and management are often overwhelmed the numerous regulations they must abide and refer to and need to reference bulky paper printouts they can carry to and from site. Pervidi Inspection Software solves this problem as paper reference can be simply stored and quickly referenced to. Pervidi has several features which can make mining inspections quick and efficient.

Some of Pervidi’s Mining Inspection Features:

Automated corrective actions : Configure Pervidi to automatically create corrective actions based on deficiencies recorded by your inspectors on their mobile device. These corrective actions can be automatically emailed to the appropriate  superintendent or user with all information required to rectify the deficiency. The automatic corrective action can include the annotated photo of the defeiency as well as the speech to text report

Inhouse / Cloud : Pervidi allows clients to store collected data / information either on the mine ‘s in house system or use the cloud hosting services (Pervidi’s cloudn server). In-house implementation provides long term cost savings and easier integration while implementing on the cloud provides for expertise and maintenance of the data,

One-to-one ongoing support : With a team of tech support continuously available to assist you throughout the process, your business’s inspection checks will be significantly improved from day dot. Via incorporating Pervidi in your workplace you can be reassured that your workforce  are working in a safe environment.

The benefit of using Pervidi for Mining inspections

Asset Inspections : Pre-start checks, asset tracking, preventative maintenance of assets and equipment.

Site Visits : Inspectors benefits from Pervidi through features such as GPS / Time Stamps that are included alongside the collected data. Lock out and tagging of plant– record on mobile device all lockout and tagging of plant.

Incident Reports : Record any incident on the mobile device – including photos and action required, A a custom report can be generated and sent automatically to the correct parties in real time.


For more information about Pervidi’s functions visit the features page, for general industry solutions click here, or to find out about about how Pervidi can assist your business contact us.