Lifting Equipment Inspections App

Performing lifting equipment inspection & maintenance using paperless inspection application for tablets, iPads, smartphones and iPhones is simple. Pervidi’s easy-to-use application for field data collection, using camera, speech to text to speed data collection is an industry leader, which can be tailored to fitting your needs.

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While inspectors are out in the field, filling out paperwork could be very troublesome. Not only it can be troublesome, it can also be very time–consuming and confusing at times. Especially for new sites were the field technicians having trouble identifying the correct lifting equipment.

The standard procedure for inspecting lifting equipment includes:

  • Identify the equipment is needed to be inspected;
  • Inspect equipment as per the appropriate standard or the manufacturer specifications;
  •  Fill in paperwork of the equipment;
  • Take photos of any defect or deficiency of the equipment;
  • Upload the photo to the computer;
  • Edit the photo /outline damages of the equipment;
  • Paste the photo into a report / Print and stick it on the paperwork;
  • Hand it up to the administrator to enter data into computer;
  • Create reports for clients of the equipment inspected;
  • Send the client the report or the corrective action require;

Inspections are very important because of safety reasons, as well as abiding the Australian and International Standards/regulations of lifting equipment. Leading provider of software products for managing field activities, Techs4Biz, developed a paperless lifting equipment inspection solution delivering advanced functionalities to inspectors and field technicians to inspect equipment.

With the Pervidi paperless equipment inspection application, inspectors and field technicians can:

  • Use their current Smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS);
  • Scan barcode/read RFID or enter ID of lifting equipment;
  • Enter data into the  paperless application using pick lists or speech to text;
  • Take photos of the lifting equipment using the in-built camera of the mobile device;
  • Capture electronic signature on the mobile devices;
  • Real time access to reference material, standards and images;
  • Provide list of all parts require and used during the inspection;
  • Send completed  inspection report and images back to the system in real time;
  • Reports can be automatically generated on the spot and sent to the clients of the lifting equipment that was inspected;
  • Follow up on required corrective actions.

The paperless lifting equipment solution has been specifically configured to suit any inspection and service of lifting, rigging and offshore lifting equipment.  Additionally, the user-friendly web interface enables remote users to interact with the data via any web browser.

Using Paperless lifting equipment inspection application to inspect lifting equipment helps to minimize human errors, ease the process in the field, as well as, save time, money and paper.


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