Go Mobile – Paperless forms allow HVAC inspections to go digital

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) inspections are increasingly going mobile, contributing to higher efficiency and productivity as well as faster access to information in the field. Paperless and mobile forms have become a vital tool.

HVAC pervidi

Paperless and mobile forms have become an important component of performing HVAC servicing and repairs with a tablet or iPad being used to record inspections, servicing and repairs. Most tablets operate on Android or iOS operating system and are very similar in functionalities such as battery life, imaging capabilities and durability. Information available in a paper form or an Excel spreadsheet should reflect in the paperless form, which should also be designed to improve the HVAC technician’s ability to access and utilise the data. For example, if the technician fills out a report providing specific information on a Water Cooled Unit Inspection, the paperless solution application on the tablet should fulfil the same function. The HVAC technician should be able to pick from a list of possible choices, use the speech to text function to add comments or type in information required using the device keyboard. The paperless solution on mobile devices makes current, past, and future information accessible and easy to use for the technician in the field.

HVAC Inspection with Pervidi

Paperless inspection software on mobile devices specifically designed for HVAC inspections, and repairs should deliver the following functionalities: List all information required by technicians to perform their tasks including questionnaires, parts, possible outcomes, acceptable threshold values, etc; Enable technicians to record recommendations and/or create new corrective tasks; Produce reports, certificates or invoices as required in the field; Send the information to the customer and/or the office in real time; Use barcodes or RFID if required to identify the equipment; Use camera function to take pictures of defects and annotate the picture in the field; Allow easy access to manuals and instructions on the tablet. Paperless inspection solutions on mobile devices can also include validations that allow or disallow data entry. It can provide the user with historical information pertaining to previous HVAC work on particular pieces of equipment. The paperless application can also utilise various device features such as camera, GPS, RFID (NFC) and barcode reader, and clock, enabling quick identification of equipment, identify points of entry and exit, record date and time stamp, improve efficiency, and minimise human errors. HVAC paperless applications should be designed to collect information, display and manipulate information, and transfer information to and from a database at the backend seamlessly, maximising utilisation and ROI. The database application should provide a variety of operational and management functions including scheduling, tracking, corrective actions, client access, trend and forecasts, management functions, reports, and analysis tools.


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