Heavy Vehicle Pre-Start Checks

Performing pre-start checks on heavy vehicles can be a time consuming and inefficient process. Pre-start checks are essential for businesses to ensure the optimal performance of equipment as well as abide bet industry regulations.

heavy vehicle pervidi check

Pervidi Heavy Vehicle Pre-start Checks

Pre-start checks and other safety inspections can be hosted and completed on Pervidi software. By transferring one’s paper based system to a digital format, the operator can enjoy benefits of a digital system such as a secure and sorted database of records, visualized data through graphs as well as thorough reports.

  • Increased productivity : Inspectors can spend more time in the field and transferring data to the correct database. Inspectors also
  • Improved reporting : Moible data collection ensures a higher level of accuracy in the collected data by removing human error. If an inspection is not met an alert will be triggered to the correct parties to resolve this safety threat.
  • Increased ROI : Businesses whom adopt a digital inspection software over paper based system can benefit from inspectors conducting inspections (including inputting and analyzing data) quicker and more accurately which leads to cost savings.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used to automate pre-start safety checks. Field safety checks can be conducted using mobile devices, completely eliminating the need for paperwork and any additional data entry or filing processes. Mobile device hardware such as camera and microphone allow inspectors to capture and edit photographs as well as add audio recorded notes to their inspections. Barcode scanners can be used to identify the appropriate checklist for each vehicle and the report cannot be completed unless all items on the checklist have been addressed. Once the pre-start check is complete, the report can be automatically sent to a central database (in-house or cloud). The database allows for secure storage of all previously completed reports and if there is an accident and a report needs to be located, electronic storage allows for efficient retrieval. Many managers express concern that their inspection processes will have to be modified in order to use the technology. Pervidi’s software is completely customisable to any inspection process. Thus as inspectors would already be familiar with the paper-based process, learning how to use the software is not difficult and requires minimal training.


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