Food Health and Safety Inspection using Digital Checklists

Australia is known for having a diverse cultural food landscape. With influences from many nations around the world, the variety and choice is plentiful. Whilst restaurants compete for the customer, it is important to remember the important of keeping everything in check. This is where proper food health and safety inspection is vital.

food health and safety inspection pervidi

Food health and safety inspection ensures that customers are happy, business owners comply with local and industry regulations and that the organization maintains a good reputation. With such a competitive market, the importance of keeping on top of food health and safety inspections is highly imperative. Currently the paper checklist is proving to be an outdated, out-of-touch and inaccurate method of conducting inspections, something mobile devices with digital checklists are outperforming. Paperless solutions provide users a number of benefits due to their advanced processing time, variety of additional features and usability.

Food health and safety inspections can be improved in numerous ways including:

  • Audit
  • OHSE inspection
  • Quality Assurance
  • Asset inspection

Mobile devices are meaning food health and safety inspections are becoming faster and more accurate. Inspection via digital checklists gives field personnel and officers the ability to record information via speech-to-text services, camera and image annotation/drawings for less ambiguity and more reliability. A higher level of quality of inspection means the exact situation of asset; food or health environment can be attained, recorded and displayed to management. This is also helped by the possibility for reference material and manuals to be attached to specific checklists; an additional method of ensuring top-level compliance. With built-in proactive notifications and triggers, fast action can be taken to remedy a situation. Other features such as GPS timestamps, offline mode and barcode/RFID scanning provide supplementary functionalities for inspectors. As soon as any inspection is completed, the report is sent to in-house hosted servers or cloud based (SaaS) hosting where it is efficiently processed, analysed and can be accessed directly. In-depth analysis and instantaneous information means management always stays up-to-date with inspection performance.


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