Food and HACCP inspection software using mobile device

Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets few years ago, the role of the mobile device has steadily increased from toys and gadgets used by early adopters to every day productivity tools deployed by organisations that aim to improve their work force productivity. Automation has become an important aspect of food safety inspections and many companies are moving to record their food safety inspections results on tablets and smartphones (Mobile devices). Food and HACCP inspection can become simple by using digital methods.

food and HACCP pervidi

Mobile devices are able to deliver information that already exists on paper forms and at the same time improve the safety inspector’s ability to access and utilize the data in the field. Everyone in the food chain, from farmer through consumer, has a responsibility in keeping the food supply safe and comply with general provisions of the Food Standards code, HACCP and ISO 22000.

Paperless food safety inspection application make current and past information accessible, For example, if a food safety inspector requires to fill out a report identifying food hazards and the necessary risk control measures the mobile device paperless application should fulfil the same function. The field user can pick from a list of possible choices and/or write or type in information, or use the speech to text capabilities according to the HACCP or the organisation requirements.

The paperless food safety application should also be tailored towards food safety inspectors  who need to perform their tasks using easy-to-use screens and functions deliver the following functionality.

Reasons why Pervidi is a top Food and HACCP inspection software provider:

  1. List all information required by the general provisions of the Food standards code particularly the Food Safety Requirements, HACCP, ISO 22000 and any other relevant legislative code.
  2. Provide easy to use navigation capabilities and quick access to information.
  3. Allow food safety inspector to enter as much (or as little) information as needed using speech to text, or the mobile device keyboard.
  4. Include validations that allow or disallow data entry.
  5. Enable the food inspector to Identify the food safety Critical Control Points (CCPs).
  6. Provide the inspector with historical information
  7. Record recommendations and  plan corrective action when critical limits are exceeded
  8. Use the mobile device camera to take photos of non-conform items.
  9. Produce reports as required using portable printers.

Food safety inspection application should not be on the mobile device alone. They should be designed to collect information and transfer information to and from a database seamlessly. The desktop/server application should provide a variety of operational and management functions including scheduling, tracking, management functions reports, and analysis tools.


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