Fire Inspections using Mobile Devices – Keeping a lid on Dangers

As the land of the bushfires and with high temperature throughout the year in certain parts of the country, Australian fire safety is undoubtedly of paramount importance.

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95% of all fires are deemed extinguishable if the correct fire extinguisher is applied promptly in the situation. The frightening statistic that only 13% of people are aware of the differences in applying them raises many questions. The best combatant for workplace fires is through proper education and thorough inspection. The best way to do this is by using digital inspection checklists for fire inspections. Paperless solutions are becoming a powerful and versatile tool in the OHS and QA fields, many industries adopting the method and seeing dramatic results.

Digital inspection software carries numerous benefits to the aged printed solution. As fire safety devices and equipment are located in specific locations, bringing paper checklists is a cumbersome dated method. New features within inspection software remove the need for large storage of inspection records and for inspectors to carry lengthy, often out-of-date checklists. Mobile devices represent a safe and versatile tool in the hands of the inspectors. They are even available as intrinsically safe or as a rugged device, depending on the hazardous nature of the environment. Camera and touchscreen annotation gives a new input method, as well as new data to be analysed. The speed of input can also be reduced by using speech-to-text services or standardized response. Scanning of barcodes is a further input available. There really are a plethora of new features that mobile devices and paperless inspection software can introduce to the inspection process. Whilst the new ways of input ease and quicken the inspection, this does not mean inspectors carry any less information or assistance in their pocket. Instead of having manuals and documentation to sift through onsite, inspectors can have any reference material attached as PDFs or pictures straight to the individual checklist.

The benefits of using digital inspection software for fire inspections are more evident when considering the streamlining they provide. Synchronised inspections and data can be easily pooled together in groups and channels allowing quick results. Further in-depth analysis is provided through dynamic reports and statistics which can be hosted through the cloud or in-house.  The streamlining is also evident in the field whereby a fail on a specific checklist item or inspection point gives rise to an automatic notification and suggested corrective action. This is flagged immediately at the time and means the process of re-inspecting and solving issues is cut out completely.

Switching to paperless inspection solutions for fire inspections is the best way to ensure the highest safety levels.


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