Facility Maintenance Inspection through Digital Means

Facility maintenance inspection is a broad field that can mean several different things.

Facility maintenance inspection pervidi paperless inspections

It can mean you’re inspecting warehouse storing your retail stock or it can mean you’re inspecting a nuclear power plant. Whatever the facility maintenance inspection that is being carried out, the key principles remain the same: Ensure that your facility complies with industry standards; ensure that it is a safe operating environment for your employees and ensure that it is maximising its capability. For these things to occur, it’s important to have both a powerful inspection system and inspection solution, that can work with your organisation and its goals. Today that comes in the form of digital inspection solutions run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets running regular Android and iOS operating systems.

The benefits of using mobile devices for inspection become more apparent when you realise the features that can be used from a mobile device in inspection. Taking the dated pen and paper method and replacing it with a device that has the entire checklist and recording functions in the same object is a powerful upgrade. Scribing notes is replaced with speech-to-text input to give a handsfree possibility to inspection or recording via check-box standardised response. Another method of data input is scanning barcodes/RFID with the device camera, or simply taking pictures and annotating them with the touchscreen. This can dramatically increase the quality of data recorded, as well as the amount of data; a picture paints a thousand words. Aside from eliminating the process of deciphering inspection officer hieroglyphics, moving to digital takes away the repeat data entry process for inspection data if using a database to file records. If this isn’t the case, digital also gets rid of voluminous inspection record storage rooms and obviously takes the operation paper-less. These benefits can ensure that records are easy to access at all times and do not get lost under boxes or desks, or simply fly out the window.

For inspection officers, there are also other features that can better facility maintenance inspection such as proactive triggers and notifications or automatically suggested corrective actions. These function as small changes that greatly increase the information sharing speed, both keeping other personnel in the loop and having next instructions and commands already on the checklist. More information sharing is always a good sign for organisations that are managing facilities, be that one or several. Simply covering distances to inspect takes time, so the inspection process does not need to add to it if avoidable. Facilities and assets can also be tracked via life cycle deficiency rules in a cradle-to-grave style, and industry standards can be applied to match such facilities or assets via the backend. This means that any report or record can be analysed and quickly judged to either conform to standards or violate them. This information is also available to the inspector so that a specific regulation such as facility safety signage or facility maintenance materials can be inspected in line with the industry standard in mind. With digital facility maintenance inspection, there is no room to slip up across the board.

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