Digital welding inspections

Digital welding inspections ensures quality, safety and enforce corrects procedures and protocol for employees to abide by them. Welding inspections are a guaranteed way of preventing welding defects and controlling the quality and output of welds and metal fabrication. By tailoring software to a manufacturer’s specific purpose, inspectors can benefit from including ASME codes, AWS codes, API codes and ISO codes.

pervidi digital welding inspections

To ensure welding standards are met, including Australian standards AS2214 and AS1796 inspectors / surveyors must be equipped with the right tools and instruments to allow effective and ongoing inspections, monitoring and maintenance. Digital welding inspections are easy to implement and a sure way to eliminate errors and problems which provide both cost saving and safety benefits while enforcing quality assurance standards.

Reports for Digital Welding Inspections

Pervidi software generates inspection reports and sends them to the appropriate parties i.e. managers, supplies or data inventory. These reports can be an overview of regular inspections and/or can be inspected areas that have not been met quality assurance standards i.e. defect report. These reports can include graphs and visual information or images, to allow in depth understanding of collected data and reveal trends and patterns which are occurring within different areas of fabrication. Once a report is completed the inspector has the ability to either save onto the central database (i.e. an in-house system or cloud based system).

Digital inspection software such as Pervidi can be implemented to assist all sorts of inspections as the checklists are customised to the task at hand.

Particular areas that Pervidi assists in for welding and metal fabrication are:

  • Visual Inspections
  • Coating inspection
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Material Identification
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Passivation Testing

Features of Digital Welding Inspection Software

The application can also integrate the built-in camera to take pictures of the findings, enable annotation of the picture, and in most mobile devices convert speech to text for additional data collection. Functions such as barcodes, GPS, timestamp, RFID and scanners built in the mobile devices enable efficient and quick identification of areas and equipment, determine points of entry and exit, improve efficiency, and minimise human errors.

Speech Recognition – 
Speech recognition has dramatically improved since its introduction and now a standard feature in all new smartphones. It provides employees and inspectors a fast and effective way to record and store information and act as useful reference tool when completing inspections.

Camera – Camera technology has likewise continued to evolve with each new mobile release out performing the last. Documentation inspection through photograph captures the inspector visual point of view and provides other stakeholders with “1 picture = thousand words” .

Annotating – On screen annotation allows inspectors to highlights key areas in photographs that are of interest as well as describe the event.

Offline Reporting – Certain inspection sites are limited to Wi-Fi and/or service data which restricts certain inspection software applications  which rely on constant connectivity . Fortunately, Pervidi paperless inspection software allows the user to work offline with data being uploaded subsequent when internet connection is available.

Automatic data/time/GPS stamp – Inspectors can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic data records such as the time recorded as well as where it was recorded.

Document and reference storage – Businesses can upload to the mobile device important documents (such as relevant standards, drawings, manuals) to remove the bulkiness and inconvenience of paper versions.


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