Digital Sustainability is Vital for Organisations Thinking About the Future

Digital sustainability is not just about solving problems now, it’s about thinking about the future. Wherever you may be based, the recent and continuing lockdowns have indisputably showed the effect that humanity is having on the planet.

Digital Sustainability is Vital for Organisations Thinking About the Future pervidi

With a slowing of many industrial sectors, halt of several transport methods and reduction in human activity; there has been a substantial reduction in fossil fuel emission and general waste in the environment. As the world and many industry sectors reopen, there is a chance for the forward thinking to seize a moment and move forward with a greener mindset. It’s time to talk about digital sustainability for business. The international organization for standards (ISO) has recently published ISO Guide 84 – Guidelines for addressing climate change in standards. It outlines how organisations can have a greener way of operating in the future and change what they are doing right now.

Digital sustainability is not just some buzzword that will come and go, it’s a mindset. Many organisations operate in industrial sectors with various machinery, some operate in logistics with heavy transport usage and some simply operate facilities down the street. Regardless of your size or operations there is always a possibility to improve your operational efficiency. Similarly, there is likely also a way to improve your sustainability; organisations are now turning to digital sustainability as a way to think ahead. Digital sustainability is a multi-faceted way of thought that can mean different things to different people. It may be reducing the paper that you use in your business and moving many operations to digital. It may be bringing all your operations management to a centrally managed computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). Or it may be simply inspecting the things you do on a regular basis, using standards such as ISO Guide 84, to see if there is room for improvement to make your operations and processes greener. Whichever you choose to improve your sustainability for the future, it likely involves a form of digital sustainability. In this sense, future sustainability doesn’t have to be a tough thing to engage with; its relatively straightforward to set yourself a target based on your business needs and requirement. Managing it however becomes a different story without digital solutions. Digital sustainability takes advantage of existing paperless solutions and integrates it with your sustainability goals. If you wish to reduce your paper for example, many paper processes can be moved to digital methods. Bringing your operations to a CMMS can often be run on the same paperless system that reduces your paper use. The very same system can also house your inspections for future assessment of your sustainability and green thinking in line with standards such as ISO Guide 84.

Digital inspections solutions are a natural partner to digital sustainability following organisations. Digital sustainability can be engaged through paperless solutions by giving inspectors, employees and regular staff mobile devices to run their communications and inspection/check needs. Using an app on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, field personnel can use features such as the camera to scan barcodes/RFID or take annotations using the touchscreen. Standardised response checklists and reporting speeds up the data intake, whereas offline recording and automatic upload can speed up data transmission. With everyone being connected using the same CMMS, everyone can stay up to date regarding industry regulations, organisational schedules or daily tasks. With information sharing, it is easier to make good decisions and save huge amounts of time. Making good decisions and saving time is key to any organisation succeeding in their sector and hence shows why digital solutions really can enhance digital sustainability.

To learn more about ISO Guide 84 please visit:

Source: www.iso.org/standard/72496.html

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