Digital Flooding Prevention and Water Damage Inspection

Digital Flooding Prevention and Water Damage Inspection is key for organisations are the seasons change.

Prevention and Water Damage paperless inspection pervidi

During certain seasonal periods flooding and water damage can be a problem that certain businesses and organisations must face. Not only does it become an issue of damage prevention but also one of employee and asset safety. No individual can control the weather, but what can be controlled to some extent is the water damage that is caused by it. Just like any other environmental issue, proper inspection and prevention following on from this is the best procedure any business can have in place. Flooding and water damage doesn’t necessarily have to be the cause of a natural disaster; this can come from faulty water pipes or simple rain coming through the ceiling. As such it is imperative that businesses and organisations have a thorough inspection solution that can cater for flooding prevention and help conduct water damage inspection.

Today the leading inspection solutions that can cater for a variety of different inspections for a facility or office are those run on mobile devices. On an application run via your smartphone or tablet, you can easily inspect your equipment or assets for pre-start checks, as well as safety procedure inspections for fires, or conduct a water damage prevention analysis. Because multiple checklists can be loaded onto the app, the mobile device can encompass all your inspection needs from the palm of your hand. Just as it is for fire inspection, flooding prevention and water damage inspection requires thorough checks of materials and procedures. This can be helped my mobile inspection features such as taking pictures or barcode scanning using the smartphone/tablet’s camera. The touchscreen provides annotation or drawing possibilities to highlight certain deficiencies in sealing, insulation or other provisions. In mobile devices there is also the possibility to use speech-to-text services for quicker handsfree recording of data and to automatically schedule reviews of follow-up inspections.

For organisations that require a more regular water damage inspection than standard businesses, paperless inspection applications can go an extra step. Organisations that operate in aquatic environments or have coastal facilities/assets can have multiple inspectors and devices inspecting at once. For such organisations the information sharing capabilities of mobile devices gives quick advice or recommendations of best practice or just work as a simple heads up before inspecting an asset. Managers can communicate new regulations and standards over-the-air (OTA), as well as providing automatically suggested corrective actions through the checklist itself using pre-configured rules. All information and data recorded by inspectors or field personnel comes back to a central place for analysis that can then be distributed to necessary parties. Water damage on a certain asset may be the result of improper repair or part replacement and a historical record of any asset activity is highly useful. On any paperless application, all inspections, checks and audits can be categorised for each asset, alongside the historical record of repairs or replacements.

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