Digital Australian Standards Checklist on Smartphones

Digital Australian Standards checklist on smartphones is now possible thanks to the continuous upgrades in mobile technology. This had enabled workers to perform numerous tasks and activities more efficiently by providing them the mobility to access important documents whenever needed while in the field.

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Australian standards and regulations are continuously being introduced and updated to ensure businesses are operating safely and efficiently. Digital checklists allow users to simply add newer versions of standards and regulations to ensure they are abiding by the latest updates and are able to access them while in the work. Only a number of years ago it was simply unachievable for business to work digitally and access numerous important documents. An indication of the pervasiveness of mobile devices in the field can be gauged from the fact that in late 2013 the sales of smartphones exceeded the sales of conventional cell phones for the first time. Now in 2017, the majority of mobile devices have the ability to harness powerful tools that can dramatically assist businesses in their operations. Mobile device applications deliver functionalities such as enabling the user to list information required by Australian Standards to perform the periodic inspection, adjustment and testing of existing equipment comprising of safety gear, ropes, rails, governor and oil buffer, including questionnaires, possible results/outcomes, acceptable threshold values (for collecting field data), etc. Mobile software also allows the user to adjust the checklist and related information or develop their custom own checklists.

Can Digital Australian Standards Checklist replace paper forms when conducting inspection in the field following an Australian Standard?

If the technician has to follow steps that are listed in an Australian Standard, the application can present the tasks/steps as an electronic checklist on the mobile device. Additional information can also be available to the technician with instructions or code requirements. The process of converting any Australian Standard to a checklist is a simple process.

 “Each field technician can now have access to exactly the functionality they require to complete their work.” Eitan Shibi, Techs4Biz CTO

By replacing paper with digital systems in can further encourage businesses to automate different processes as well as checklist. “Enabling each mobile user to access different functions and tailored workflow is another step towards complete automation of the mobile workforce” says Eitan Shibi, Techs4Biz CTO.  “Each field technician can now have access to exactly the functionality they require to complete their work.  For example, a safety inspector can access their specific equipment and safety checklists while a supervisor can have the ability to add new sites and access their team’s schedule.  Pervidi is the only paperless inspection product that offers such flexibility” says Eitan.

The benefits of using Digital Australian Standards Checklist in the workplace

Some of the benefits of using a mobile application to automate any Australian Standard include improving efficiencies, minimising unnecessary administrative tasks and data entry; increasing productivity and profitability, enabling effective completion of tasks, simplifying repeatable tasks and providing staff with easy to use tools that focus on performing tasks; incorporating mechanisms to focus on exceptions and ensure proper execution of tasks, including automatic listing of activities, reminders, alerts, escalation procedures, and easy access to information; and improving controls and accountability, leading to better quality of work. Easy to use navigation capabilities and quick access to information, allowing service personnel to enter information as much as needed, automatically transferring data from the mobile device to the relevant stakeholders without the need for further data entry or ‘manual’ data reformulation, automatically using the camera to take pictures, and converting speech to text are some of the functionalities required in a mobile device. Digital Australian Standards Checklist provide dramatically improve performance and efficiency for service personnel.

Digital Australian Standards Checklist features every business should implement:

The application can also integrate the built-in camera to take pictures of the findings, enable annotation of the picture, and in most mobile devices convert speech to text for additional data collection. Functions such as barcodes, GPS, timestamp, RFID and scanners built in the mobile devices enable efficient and quick identification of areas and equipment, determine points of entry and exit, improve efficiency, and minimise human errors.

  • Speech Recognition – Speech recognition has dramatically improved since its introduction and now a standard feature in all new smartphones. It provides employees a fast and effective way to record and store information and act as useful reference tool when completing inspections.
  • Camera – Camera technology has likewise continued to evolve with each new mobile realised out performing the last. Documentation inspection through photograph captures the inspector visual point of view and provides others a specific record.
  • Annotating – On screen annotation allows inspectors to highlights key areas in photographs that are of interest as well as describe the event.
  • Offline Reporting – Certain inspection sites are limited to Wi-Fi and/or service data which restricts certain CMMS system which rely on this. Fortunately, Pervidi paperless CMMS allows the user to work offline with data being uploaded subsequent.
  • Automatic data/time/GPS stamp – Inspectors can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic data records such as the time recorded as well as where it was recorded.
  • Document storage – Businesses can upload important documents and checklists to remove the bulkiness and inconvenience of paper versions.

Digital Australian standards checklist on smartphones offer a variety of benefits for businesses in numerous industries and offer a more practical way of storing and viewing specific documents. With policies and regulations continuously changing it’s best practice for business to be able to access guidelines instantly and not have to worry about the clutter and inconvenience that paper documents and systems present.

An example of working smart, paperless

Let’s take AS 1735 – Lifts, Escalators and Moving Walks as an example. If the user requires a lift annual service report to be filled out, the mobile device can fulfil the same function. The user can pick from a list of possible choices that are listed in the standard. Mobile devices make current and past information accessible and easy to use.


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