Combining ISO 22000 with Paperless Inspection

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has provided a new edition of the standard ISO 22000.

ISO 22000 pervidi

The 2018 edition brings further clarification for food safety management systems worldwide, helping companies continuously improve their operational processes. The new edition standard contains requirements for any organisation in the food chain and sets out a clear method of successful management. By thorough identification, prevention and reduction, companies and organisations can minimise the effect of foodborne hazards entering the supply chain. The update also includes:

  • Adoption of the High-Level Structure common to all ISO management system standards, making it easier for organizations to combine ISO 22000 with other management systems (such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001).
  • A new approach to risk – as a vital concept in the food business – which distinguishes between risk at the operational level and the business level of the management system
  • Strong links to the Codex Alimentarius, a United Nations food group that develops food safety guidelines for governments

The latest edition of ISO 22000 replaces the dated 2005 edition, organisations certified to the old standard have 3 years from publication to move over to new practices.

The updated 22000 edition works best with having a paperless inspection management system in place. By going digital, its easier to comply with new updates such as ISO 22000:2018. Implementing updates from previous regulations or introducing new guidelines is simple with mobile devices and inspection applications. Every smartphone and tablet used for inspecting, checks or quality assurance can be updated easily over-the-air with new material. Reference material and notes can be provided to inspection officers or industry personnel instantly. This benefit can also be visible on the back-end where compliance becomes equally simple. By integrating the new regulation update or introducing the standard for the first time with the paperless inspection management system, compliance becomes as quick and easy as opening files on a computer. Documents can be manually sent to necessary parties or can be automatically referred to the right people. This also applies during the inspection. Inspectors and industry personnel can take advantage of customised triggers that respond specifically to industry standards such as ISO 22000. Management gets flagged and corrective actions can be instantly suggested to the user.

For more information about ISO 22000:2018 visit here.


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