CMMS Software for Hospitals

CMMS Software for hospitals has been effectively used to maintain equipment and comply with legislative regulations. Given the size of hospitals, there are multiple assets to track, which means that a paper-based maintenance management system is unlikely to be the most cost effective and efficient option. Such a system would require costly filing and scheduled maintenance on equipment may slip through the cracks.

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Use of CMMS Software for Hospitals

CMMS Software for hospitals will allow all assets to be added to a register. Mobile devices such as PDAs often have scanners which means that each item can be identified by barcodes or RFID tags. A history of past and future maintenance may is available once an asset is identified. Any follow-up action can be scheduled from the field. Mobile devices may also offer a built-in camera so that photographs may be captured, annotated and added to the maintenance history of assets. GPS technology may also be used to track the locations of assets.

Smartphone CMMS Features:

These five smartphone features are capable of being implemented using Pervidi’s CMMS system. Businesses can introduce these features into their operation, and ensure they are implementing the most efficient work procedures and practices for their CMMS with the latest mobile technology.

  • Speech Recognition

    Speech recognition, now a standard feature in all new smartphones, provides technicians a fast and effective way to record and store information for later reference when completing maintenance activities.

  • Camera and annotation

    Documenting maintenance on camera helps capture the technician’s visual point of view and provides others a specific record of the asset and findings. Onscreen annotation allows technicians to highlight key areas in photographs that are of interest or concern and also describe the event or deficiencies.

  • Reference Material

    Reference material such as safety instructions, drawings, user manuals, relevant codes and standards can be stored on the smartphone and viewed in a matter of seconds, without any need to carry piles of paper anymore.

  • Offline Reporting

    There may be locations during field work where the technician may have limited access to internet/ Wi-Fi and/or service data. Pervidi paperless CMMS allows the user to work offline with data being uploaded subsequent to getting connected to a network.

  • Automatic data/time/GPS stamp

    Technicians can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic date and time stamps as well as where it was recorded


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