Business Equipment Rental Inspection using Mobile Devices

Whether you’re renting to a single consumer or providing equipment rental to a larger business, the same principles largely apply.

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You expect your equipment to be in a similar condition before and after, whilst knowing that it is your responsibility to provide legally safe equipment. Just these two of the many values in the equipment rental business highlight why there is a need for a thorough inspection process that is both quick and effective. Many businesses and organisations are now moving on from outdated paper inspection checklists to digital solutions.

One of the reasons that it’s so important to conduct a thorough check before leasing some equipment to a consumer or business is the question of liability. It is fundamentally important that any equipment or asset has passed the necessary safety checks and conforms to industrial regulations. Similarly, if something goes wrong during the lease period, or if excessive damage occurs, it is crucial to have a detailed record of the equipment before the lease began. Only through this can it be determined who is liable for the event. This is why many organisations are making use of digital tracking of reports. Paperless solutions are allowing businesses to make inspection reports or pre-rental checks on any asset or equipment piece and lodge this report in the historical file for said asset. This means that if anything does occur, it is easy to see the likelihood of this happening from normal wear and tear, whilst also help prevent future such incidents. Maintenance teams can also use this information to better understand how the material, part or entire equipment piece deformed, broke or failed. For management this gives a good oversight of the return on interest (ROI) that equipment rental is providing and whether the costs are effectively outweighing the income or value that the asset is generating.

Inspection reports of this nature often require a visual check, scan of information or reporting of current wear. For this, paperless solutions currently provide image capture and annotation using the smartphone or tablet device camera. Using the touchscreen, it is easy to annotate images, make drawings and record observations. The GPS timestamp function built into every report means that historical tracking of every asset becomes much easier than having to manually file reports. The filing of reports also often takes up large amount of space which can obviously be reduced with digital applications. The voluminous amount of paperwork in business equipment rental can all be moved to digital formats, being stored on an in-house server or on the cloud (SaaS). This gives easy access for management that may operate out of a central location to track the movement of equipment or assets that are mobile and may be returned at another location. For any business equipment rental inspection, the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency can be dramatically increased and improved using paperless systems. Implementing a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) gives flexibility in terms of asset management, over-the-air updates and the access to the audit trail.

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