Automating safety inspections

Over the past few years, automating safety inspections has been an important tool in the management of safety inspections as it enables effective identification of major OH&S risks.

automating safety inspections pervidi

In recent years, the role of handheld devices and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) has gradually increased from ‘toys’ used by early adopters, to day-to-day tools deployed by organisations that want to improve their staffs’ productivity and minimize unnecessary administrative tasks. PDAs are also increasing being used for safety inspections as handheld devices make current, past, and future information accessible and easy to use.

Features of handheld applications specifically designed for automating safety inspections:

• List all information required by inspectors to perform their tasks, including task list, activities, instructions, etc.

• Provide easy to use navigation, search capabilities and quick access to information

• Allow inspectors to enter as much information as needed

• Automatically track labor and apply it to time sheets (if applicable)

• Enable inspectors to record recommendations

• Produce reports or invoices as required using portable printers

Handheld software should also be able to run on multiple hardware platforms, providing flexibility and utilization of future technology without avoidable and costly software upgrades.

Choosing the right solution

By following three simple steps, described below, inspectors can accelerate the selection process and ensure that their selection would fit their needs:

1. First, determine what you want the solution to do for you. Make sure you understand your current processes and information flow.

2. Next, evaluate features offered by different solution providers and compare them to your needs.

3. Finally, determine the best value and fit – include in your evaluation important factors such as the ability to tailor a solution to your needs and the cost of the solution.

Choosing to go paperless and automating safety inspections within your business can have great effects for your business.


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