Amusement Park Inspection Software

Amusement park inspection software is sure a way to improve a businesses operation, safety standards and reputation. Ensuring customer and staff safety and satisfaction is crucial for any business and as such, businesses must continuously strive to improve their safety practices and services on offer. Amusement parks and similar entertainment based services must uphold high standards of safety and quality as any touch point a customer interacts determines whether a customer has an enjoyable and safe experience. Routine monitoring and inspection of equipment and facilities is a sure way to uphold appropriate safety standards and protocol.

By implementing paperless amusement park inspection software, staff can be quickly trained to perform detailed routine checks. If a check is not meet, management can pre-upload a corrective action procedure to then be performed by employees. Pervidi software is tailored individually to each business, meaning that different inspection procedures can be implemented into your businesses operations to not only improve safety, but overall efficiency. The added benefit is the removal of paper lists which often provided inaccurate data and needed to stored.

How to use Amusement Park Inspection Software:

  1. Identify : Both staff and management must continuously look and consider new and potential threats before they occur. This may include surveying all newly introduced equipment as well as existing equipment and facilities. This stage is completed by staff taking a photograph of identified risk and annotating both thoughts and needed information.
  2. Asses : Once a potential risk is discovered, staff must consider its capabilities and it’s urgency to address. This may be done by staff making a logical decision and informing management of it’s existence. This stage is completed by staff referring to similar scenarios in previously collected data.
  3. Action Plan : An action plan must be developed to ensure correct levels of operation and how staff will effectively prevent the risk from occurring. Management can pre upload either user manuals or specifically designed procedures for staff to access on software.
  4. Implement : Staff are trained to address the risk routinely to prevent it from happen. This may mean routine maintenance and tests needed to be completed to ensure correct levels of operation.
  5. Monitor : Ongoing surveillance and measuring of the identified threat must be monitored routinely to measure both the success of the action plan as well as the likelihood of the threat from occurring. Staff can enter routine checks and automate this procedure by only addressing the risk if it’s correct measures are not met.


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