Pervidi provides a powerful, easy to use, flexible and reliable solution to clients across many roles and industries. Our solutions are designed with Field Technicians, Facility Managers, Inspectors and Auditors in mind, Pervidi will automate the inspection process.

By using customised checklists, automatic alerts, real-time reporting along with special features such as speech to text and scheduling, Pervidi is a solution focused answer to a paperless and hassle free future.

“Going paperless has been a huge success for us. We’ve had great feedback from all our staff about the ease of using the tablets and how we are now all synced together. By linking calendars as well, we all know each other’s location and can respond to callouts in a much more efficient way.”

Peter Herreen – Managing Director, Anaequip Medical

Pervidi can be used on both Android and iOS devices

The complete solution – Collect comprehensive data while in the field

Outcomes and solutions you can expect:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Shift in managements focus from paper-based activities (such as forms and data entry)
  • Comprehensive and tailored analysis
  • Improved control and accountability
  • Activities performed on time
  • Improve technician efficiencies
  • Real time reporting
  • Meeting of consistent standards in the field
  • Better utilisation of your organisations resources and technical expertise.

Want to know more about how Pervidi can help you? Watch the video below or contact us for a free demonstration.