Pre-start Checks for Vehicles and Machinery

Performing pre-start checks on vehicles and machinery using a paper-based system can be inefficient and time consuming. Pervidi provides a paperless solution to allow operators to preform pre-start checks using their mobile device and remove unnecessary and dated paper based systems.


Benefits of using Pervidi for Pre-start Checks:

  • Unlimited customised checklists
  • Using the mobile device camera to take images of defects
  • Automatic corrective actions
  • Automated notifications
  • Access to manuals and other reference material offline
  • Direct communication to office database in real time
  • Convert speech to text to ease data collection
  • Integrated barcodes and RFID for quick identification
  • Electronic signatures, date, time and GPS stamps


Mobile Devices

pre-start checks using Pervidi

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used to automate pre-start safety checks. Field safety checks can be conducted using mobile devices, completely eliminating the need for paperwork and any additional data entry or filing processes.

Mobile device hardware such as camera and microphone allow inspectors to capture and edit photographs as well as add audio recorded notes to their inspections. Barcode scanners can be used to identify the appropriate checklist for each vehicle and the report cannot be completed unless all items on the checklist have been addressed.


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Vehicles and Machinery

pre-start checks combine harvester

Once the pre-start check is complete, the report can be automatically sent to a central database (in-house or cloud). The database allows for secure storage of all previously completed reports and if there is an accident and a report needs to be located, electronic storage allows for efficient retrieval.

Many managers express concern that their inspection processes will have to be modified in order to use the technology. Pervidi’s software is completely customisable to any inspection process. Thus as inspectors would already be familiar with the paper-based process, learning how to use the software is not difficult and requires minimal training.


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