Pervidi strives to provide client’s the best possible solution for their business and advise them on the correct inspection hardware. Choosing the correct hardware for your business is crucial to adequately effectively preform checklists and inspections.

Pervidi is a hardware agnostic and will work on any mobile device that is available with iOS, Android. Pervidi software is easy to setup and install on all hardware, please book a demo here to learn more how Pervidi can be installed and optimized on your hardware.


Hardware Features to Consider

By adapting the correct hardware with Pervidi software, we are able to assure clients that we are providing them the best solutions.

RFID & NFC– Radio-frequency identification & Near Field Communication allows inspectors to use to their devices to electronically gather information.

Speech to Text – Using the device’s microphone Pervidi can converts the inspectors audio notes and recordings into text. This significantly saves time collecting data while on the field.

Intrinsically safe – It is mandatory for safety inspectors to carry intrinsically safe devices certified for hazardous areas when performing a safety inspection on electrical equipment or in dangerous environments. Some devices are suitable to work in zone 1 and 2 and are certified to the relevant certification.

Durability – Inspections are often conducted in work sites and outdoor areas and exposed to numerous elements. Mobile devices must be designed to endure these rough environments as well being dropped, tumbled and ingress protection (IP) sealing.

Battery – For software to be available for a full shift or inspection the battery of the hardware must have the capability to power the device for duration of the inspection. To do this, the battery must have the capacity to last and/or have the ability to be swapped.

Camera – Being able to physically capture and record allows inspectors to create strong references and drastically improve the data collected.

Bar-code Scanning – mobile devices are able to collect data by scanning bar-codes which can assist in tracking, asset & inventory management. Pervidi can ultlzie the camera on the device to read bar code or use a dedicated, built in scanner on the device.

Screen Size – Screen sizes differ from 5inches to 10inches.

Accessories – Chargers, swappable batteries, car mount, cases.


Commercial vs Consumer

Consumer mobile devices provide businesses with an effective solution to preform safety inspections and often seem the logical and most cost effective option. However for many businesses, commercial / enterprise grade hardware is needed to support their means of use.

There are numerous reasons for your business to consider opting to commercial / enterprise grade such as durability, security, hardware features all of which can benefit a business through time and cost savings.

– Increased IT time securing data on employee devices
– Reduced time training staff individually to suit their mobile software
– Consumer goods are often fragile and have a short product life cycle


Hardware providers that can assist with sourcing the correct mobile device

Pervidi works alongside industry leaders to provide and inform clients of the best possible solution for their business.



Pervidi Inspection Hardware




Global manufacturer of leading PPE and rugged industrial mobile devices and scanners

Pervidi Inspection Hardware





Zebra has the largest range of enterprise optimised Android devices in the business




Provider of specialist intrinsic safe hardware.

Pervidi Inspection Hardware





Suppliers of mobile devices, tablets and phablets

apple pervidi





Manufactures and suppliers of iPads, iPhones

Pervidi Inspection Hardware




Maximise Technology

Rugged mobile devices and protective cases. Device stands and mounts plus charging stations.

Pervidi Inspection Hardware




Bar-code and RFID specialist hardware




Gamma Solutions

Leading Provider of Barcode Scanners, tablets and mobile computers


Pervidi Inspection – Hardware

Pervidi software enables users to optimize their smartphone for a business benefit by incorporating technological ability provided by smartphones. Surveyors and inspectors benefit from Pervidi from tailored service, ongoing support, mobility and functionality.

To learn more about Pervidi and how to improve your quality assurance procedures and safety standards within your company please call, (03) 8862 6485 or email us at australia@pervidi.com
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