Paperless pre-purchase smartphone inspection application

Paperless pre-purchase smartphone inspection application

Smartphone inspection benefit numerous industries and provide certainty and reliability for businesses that require inspection processes.With the real estate market still running hot, many buyers want to get an inspection done on their prize property before committing to a specific home. Paperless pre-purchase inspection apps are becoming far more the ‘norm’ with the smartphone.

The traditional method has been to physically inspect the property and hand write an extensive report on every aspect of the property stumps, frame, flooring, paintwork etc. The time spent ‘in the field’ completing these pre purchase inspection reports, has then been duplicated with developing a report in the office.For example 4 hours in the field is followed by at least 4 hours in the office converting hand written notes into a cohesive report and trying to insert photo’s taken from a camera into the report.

4 hours in the field is followed by at least 4 hours in the office converting hand written notes into a cohesive report

Paperless Pre Purchase inspection using smartphone

The advent of paperless pre purchase inspection apps. is that it can be loaded onto a mobile device  such as iPhone, iPad or Android tablet and can take the place of the ‘rough notes’  and the camera in the field and vastly improve the time taken to develop a comprehensive pre purchase report.

Paperless pre purchase questionnaires or check lists can be sent from a central database to the mobile device, the inspector or the field operator simply goes through the required questions, adds photo’s of the property, records audio notes (that are converted to text in real time) and sends the completed report back to the database ‘wirelessly’ (using internet connection such as 4G, Hot spot or Wi-Fi).

Once the pre purchase information is received by the database (in a matter of seconds) the detail is added to a report template and then sent to the client via email or posted via a web portal to the provider’s web site.


Smartphone Inspection

The paperless pre purchase inspection app cuts down the time, effort and cost of a full pre purchase report. It not only saves inspectors time by entering the data in once and once only, it drastically improves the accuracy of inputted data.

Pervidi’s Paperless pre purchase inspections app can be downloaded directly to the mobile device via the App store or Google Play.

Pervidi software enables users to optimize their smartphone for a businesses benefit by incorporating technological ability provided by smartphones.
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