Optimizing asset maintenance using smartphone with CMMS

Optimizing asset maintenance using smartphone with CMMS

Optimizing your smartphones CMMS is now an integral for businesses that complete inspection process.

Smartphones have evolved into an important business tool for organisations with their versatility expanding their application scope in the office as well as in the field. Continuous advancements in technology have resulted in smartphone devices being used to assist companies with day-to-day operations and complete activities that previously required a computer or were dependent on paper-based processes.

It is estimated that currently more than two thirds of Australia’s population own a smartphone in 2017. It’s now up to organisations to optimise their mobile devices and train employees to use them as a tool to stay competitive in business.

One area that organisations can leverage the smartphone culture is in asset and equipment maintenance. Pervidi’s Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is designed for equipment maintenance and asset management using a smartphone.


The Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is comprehensive and easy-to-use, designed for maintaining assets and equipment using your smartphone. Some of the benefits of using a smartphone CMMS are:

    • Enables users to efficiently and effectively plan and execute tasks meant to maintain operations and assets.
    • Ideal for equipment maintenance and asset management.
    • Adds value to operations and increases return on investment and extend the useful life of assets and equipment.
    • Assist in ensuring maximum up time of equipment critical to the production and operation of the business.


Smartphone CMMS Features

These five smartphone features are capable of being implemented using Pervidi’s CMMS system. Businesses can introduce these features into their operation, and ensure they are implementing the most efficient work procedures and practices for their CMMS with the latest mobile technology.

  • Speech Recognition

    Speech recognition, now a standard feature in all new smartphones, provides technicians a fast and effective way to record and store information for later reference when completing maintenance activities.

  • Camera and annotation

    Documenting maintenance on camera helps capture the technician’s visual point of view and provides others a specific record of the asset and findings. Onscreen annotation allows technicians to highlight key areas in photographs that are of interest or concern and also describe the event or deficiencies.

  • Reference Material

    Reference material such as safety instructions, drawings, user manuals, relevant codes and standards can be stored on the smartphone and viewed in a matter of seconds, without any need to carry piles of paper anymore.

  • Offline Reporting

    There may be locations during field work where the technician may have limited access to internet/ Wi-Fi and/or service data. Pervidi paperless CMMS allows the user to work offline with data being uploaded subsequent to getting connected to a network.

  • Automatic data/time/GPS stamp

    Technicians can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic date and time stamps as well as where it was recorded

CMMS systems are only as good as their software provider/manufacturer. Some CMMS providers such as Pervidi provide in-house technicians tailoring software to the specific needs of the business. Pervidi provide professionally trained technicians that deliver ongoing advice and recommendations on how to use their data collection device most efficiently.

Pervidi software enables users to optimize their smartphone for a businesses benefit by incorporating technological ability provided by smartphones.
To learn more about Pervidi and how there services can improve your businesses CMMS and inspection process please call, (03) 8862 6485 or email us at sales@pervidi.com.au


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