High rise window cleaning safety inspections

High rise window cleaning safety inspections

High rise window cleaning safety inspectionsHigh rise window cleaning and safety inspections is a dangerous business often left for those with an appetite for adrenaline and nerves of steel. Yet the job must be done and recent safety efforts have continued to increase the safety for those involved in this industry. With newer technology continuously been made available it has provided companies the opportunity to continue to improve their company’s operational efficiency and better a company’s existing producers i.e. work safety plans.

Working at such heights dramatically increases statistical evidence that something may or will go seriously wrong. According to the Government body Safe Work Australia, falls from heights are a major cause of death and injury in Australian workplaces. On average, around 26 workers fall to their deaths each year and nearly 8,000 others are injured.

On average, around 26 workers fall to their deaths each year and nearly 8,000 others are injured in Australia. – http://www.abc.net.au


High rise window cleaning safety inspections

As such it’s vital that companies create and abide to thorough safety plans and preventative procedures. Although regulations do their best at creating safe workplaces, we both know that ultimately it’s up to employers to guarantee their workers safety.

A recent argument arose around certifying and tagging building anchors, much like electrical power boards are and tools must be inspected, test and tagged. By doing so, this not only ensures the current safety of high rise workers but begins to create a log of safety reference which can be examined to ensure the safety of workers in the future. Having rigorous safety standards is also another attractive element for building maintenance officer to be inclined to use your service.


How to implement digital safety plan

Once a checklist is developed for high rise window cleaning safety inspections this list can be transferred onto digital inspection software. By consulting with Pervidi, our in house data technicians are able to recommend the best solutions for your business.

High rise window cleaning safety inspections

An example of digital safety checklist and attached documents


Why implement a digital safety plan

Investing in your workers safety is only a small fee considering the consequences if ignored. Implementing a digital safety plan reassures employees that their employer is continually investing in methods and tools to improve their safety.


Benefits of digital inspection software

Digital inspection software also companies the ability to
– Always carry and access a Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) & Job safety Analysis (JSA)
– Always carry and access important documents and accreditations, elevated platforms (EWP) Construction site safety (Construction Induction Cards) and Work Safety at heights
– Allow inspectors to automate checklists and pre input triggers and corrective actions
– Reduce common errors made by human input
– Create a detailed catalog of collected data
– Create customizable reports which includes statistics, photographs and visual information (graphs).


Features of digital inspection software

With clear yet refined and specific features, the paperless inspection software is highly interactive and therefore suitable to any type of examinations in the field:

–       Customised checklists
–       Capture and annotate photos of final product
–       Direct communication to office database in real time
–       Convert speech to text for additional data collection
–       Integrated barcodes and RFID for quick identification
–       Electronic signatures, date, time and GPS stamps

It’s important high rise window cleaning safety inspections is continually developed and invested in. Pervidi combines service management, asset management, maintenance management and inspection management functionalities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Pervidi software enables users to optimize their smartphone for a businesses benefit by incorporating technological ability provided by smartphones.

To learn more about Pervidi and High rise window cleaning safety inspections and how there services can improve your businesses CMMS and inspection process please call, (03) 8862 6485 or email us at sales@pervidi.com.au


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