Pervidi Helps Organisation Save Time, Gain Peace of Mind

Pervidi Helps Organisation Save Time, Gain Peace of Mind

James, Rig Safety and Training Officer for a major offshore drilling contractor, is responsible for all safety equipment maintenance and inspections on the oil rig he helps oversee in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We have a 200-man rig that is 834 feet long and 30 stories high from crown to keel. It’s as heavy as an aircraft carrier,” he explains. “To do our work, we cover a lot of ground in a day and are constantly moving back and forth across the rig.”

When James first began his offshore work for the organization in 2001, equipment safety tracking was done using hard-copy printouts of Excel spreadsheets. Safety staff would record their notes by hand, taking care that the paper didn’t get wet or sustain damage before they could return to the office and type the data into their computers.

In March of 2008, James was introduced to the Pervidi™ System an electronic system that supports inspection tracking, consistent  compliance and safety management and risk mitigation—and he  immediately recognized it could be of value for his organization,  and he was eager to try it. However, it wasn’t until March of 2009  when he began working on a brand new rig that he was able to  follow through and test Pervidi.

“The new rig was being built in Korea,” explains James. “I approached my manager and told him I had heard of Pervidi and wanted it. Fortunately, he said yes, and we ordered it and implemented it right away.”

James explains that they chose the Pervidi Web Pro edition where data resides on a Techs4Biz data server and information portal.  The system allowed them to track and record information online from where the rig was being built in Korea and when the rig was finished and transported to the Gulf of Mexico, nothing needed to change, and there was no interruption in their work or any data conversion needed.

As they were getting the system up and running, James says he was highly impressed with how Pervidi developers were able to work with his team to quickly customize the program so it fit their rig and their unique needs.  “They did everything I asked, and customized the program for us,” he says. “It worked great and because it worked so well here, we adopted Pervidi on some of our other rigs.” Today, his team tracks more than 700 pieces of equipment using Pervidi and he says he estimates it saves them approximately 150-200 tracking hours per year.

On the back end, there is tremendous value in the peace of mind that goes along with Pervidi — knowing that good, complete records are available immediately when an auditor requests them. “What’s the bottom line?” says James. “With Pervidi, you invest a little up front, but you gain major dividends almost immediately.”