Pervidi Helps Refinery Save Time – and Adhere to Federal Regulations

Pervidi Helps Refinery Save Time – and Adhere to Federal Regulations

Brian works as Emergency Response Administrator at a uranium refinery in Canada, where he is responsible for all safety equipment maintenance and inspections, as well as health and safety training.

“We are regulated by the federal government. That means we not only adhere to regulations other refineries follow, we have additional, stricter codes,” explains Brian. “For instance, when working at 8 feet high, our crew is required to use fall protection, which is not necessarily the case at other facilities.”

When Brian first began working in the health safety department in 2006, he took a “train the trainer” course offered by an outside training organization. There, the instructor suggested attendees look into using the Pervidi System, an electronic system from Techs4Biz, that supports inspection tracking, consistent compliance and safety management and risk mitigation.  Because equipment safety tracking was being done manually when Brian came onboard – and lacked consistency – Brian believed his company could benefit from Pervidi™. There were other problems that came up related to their overall tracking system, too, some that resulted in increased costs. For instance, sometimes crew members borrowed other employees’ equipment. If they lost it or forgot to return it, there was no way to track the item, and likely a new piece of equipment would need to be purchased.

“Pervidi™ offers incredibly tight tracking and because of that we noticed many improvements, including reduced purchasing costs,” he says. “Plus, it’s easy to use and saves time. Once a week, my inspector goes out with the Pervidi™ hand-held scanner and scans RFID tags attached to equipment, then brings it back to me and I synch it up to my computer.”

As they were getting the new system up and running, Brian says he was impressed with how Pervidi™ staff were able to work with him to quickly customize the program so it fit not only their company, but their specific industry and regulatory reporting needs. He says the training was also excellent.  Now that the system is fully operational, Brian is able to more fully understand the benefits. When asked what it has brought to his team and organization, West cites that Pervidi™:

  • Reduces equipment costs: “It tracks so tightly, we don’t have    to repurchase missing equipment.”
  • Reduces administration time: “I have one inspector who scans tags once a week. Then it only takes me a few minutes to download the data from the scanner.”
  • Simplifies the auditing process: “I never have to search for what auditors want. When they arrive, all I do is hand them a printout. The auditors have been very impressed with the level of detail on my reports.”

But the best benefit, he says, is the ability to easily to produce quality reports. “Knowing that good, complete records are available is a huge benefit, especially since we are so heavily regulated,” he says. “It’s great not to have to worry about that, so I can focus on other aspects of my job.”