Increasing the efficiency of in-field technicians with a mobile solution – Anaequip Medical

Increasing the efficiency of in-field technicians with a mobile solution – Anaequip Medical

“We saw an opportunity to become as paperless as possible with the advances in technology and efficiency of in-field technicians, which would in turn speed up our overall workflow and allow us to better service our clients,” said Mr Herreen. “We started working with Tech4Biz in 2007 to move our data and analysis systems across to Pervidi Software – paired with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) application that automated the process of data entry and reporting with a paperless inspection solution,” he said. “When Pervidi became available on the Android operating platform,we were keen to upgrade to the bigger screens available on tablets. We were looking for a mobile device that would be easy to use,offer more features and allow for memory expansion to enable us to complete inspections with all necessary resources at hand and in a more efficient manner. The Samsung Galaxy Note tablet met all our criteria.”

Seamless upgrade to a new mobility solution

The company worked with Tech4Biz to purchase and introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets, maintaining the existing data in the back-end Pervidi system. “With seven years’ equipment and inspections data already housed in Pervidi, it was critical to have a smooth transition to the new devices. Tech4biz worked with Anaequip Medical to install the Pervidi paperless application on
Samsung Galaxy Note tablets, maintain access to existing data and train staff on the new products. We also maintained a backup system for the Pervidi Software application which secures the company’s database,” said Mr Naaman Shibi, General Manager, Tech4Biz.

Anaequip Medical service technicians now use the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets when completing inspections and servicing in the field. With access to the Pervidi paperless application, the technicians can be notified of scheduled parts replacements and electronically record the results of medical equipment servicing using manufacturer checklists, while taking into consideration relevant Australian Standards and feeding data back to the asset management database. The system also flags outlier and suspected false data for immediate correction

Real time automation and increased employee efficiency

By becoming a more mobile and digital workforce, Anaequip Medical’s technicians can work more efficiently, utilising the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets to easily complete checklists, access reference manuals, capture defects and report in real-time to clients.
“Previously, we had to carry large equipment manuals to each inspection site and take numerous data sheets and price lists to fill in which could be lost along the way,” said Mr Herreen. “The Samsung Galaxy Note tablets, hosting Pervidi paperless application can provide easy access to our electronic resources. The S-Pen and speech-to-text functionalities can also allow the technicians to make their own notes on manuals and documents.”

“Our technicians can also quickly follow up on faults and maintenance required, utilise the tablet’s camera to take high quality images for visual identification of faults and automatically order replacement parts in real-time, which saves on potential downtimes. We can also save time conducting the inspection by selecting results from a drop-down list and by having the ability to deliver remote support from Tech4Biz if required,” he said.

“Going paperless has been a huge success for us. We’ve had great feedback from all our staff about the ease of using the tablets and how we are now all synced together. By linking calendars as well, we all know each other’s location and can respond to callouts in a much more efficient way.”