Eureka! Gold Mine Discovers Pervidi, Cuts Inspection Time in Half

Eureka! Gold Mine Discovers Pervidi, Cuts Inspection Time in Half

Barrick Gold Corporation is the largest gold mining company in the world, with operations in Australia, Africa, North America and South America. At their Elko, Nevada location, Fall Protection Coordinator, Vince, coordinates fall protection for more than 200 employees in their transportation division. There, mechanics do much of the repair work or preventive maintenance on Barrick’s truck fleet while suspended over 10- to 20-foot high vehicles. In addition to training staff on fall protection, one of Vince’s other responsibilities is conducting equipment inspections. Up until 2011, Barrick tracked all their fall safety equipment data manually—what Vince describes as a laborious process.

“I would fill out a separate sheet for each piece of equipment I inspected—and we have close to 800 pieces,” he explains. “This usually resulted in a stack of paperwork about 3-4 inches high. I would then take that paperwork to my office and enter the data manually onto my computer”. Then he heard of the Pervidi™ System – an electronic system that supports inspection tracking, consistent compliance and safety management and risk mitigation. He immediately recognized its potential and was eager to give it a try, but first knew he had to get buy-in from his supervisors.

So, he presented them with estimated cost and time savings, then walked them through the manual recordkeeping process, so they could see firsthand how slow it was—and how potentially inaccurate it could be. He also discussed how he would be able to devote more time to other critical aspects of his role, such as researching new ways to keep employees even safer. Although his bosses were impressed, they asked him to talk to another company that was already using Pervidi to find out how it was performing for them.

“So, I called a former colleague who is now working for a different company that uses Pervidi,” he says. “He told me, ‘Vince, it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll never have problems with recordkeeping again.’ So I told this to my boss, and they approved the purchase.”

In January 2012, Barrick purchased the Pervidi Network solution. To get more familiar with the system, Vince says Pervidi support specialists worked with him about once a week, for several weeks. Now, if he has a question, he just calls support and says that they are highly responsive. Today, to do an inspection, Vince simply grabs the Pervidi scanner, scans RFID tags on the equipment, answers questions when prompted, and provides his signature. When he returns to his desk, he puts the scanner in a cradle which synchs the data up with the system. (Note: Barrick uses the Network Edition, where their data resides on their own computer systems. Customers can also choose a Pervidi hosted system as well.)

Pervidi has helped Barrick in other ways. For instance, if someone retrieves a piece of equipment but doesn’t know who it belongs to, all Vince has to do is scan the tag and he can locate the owner, versus the past process, which involved going through stacks of paperwork and checking serial numbers. “Pervidi has cut my inspection time in half—I’m very impressed with it,” he says. “If someone is considering Pervidi, I would tell them, that they can’t go wrong. And even though it takes some time to get familiar with it, you begin benefitting right away.”